in there to start you off.

# Hey-ho, Swashbucklers go

30 seconds left to get the last

Let's capture her

and thank you very much

Come back! for your treasure chest. -So unfair. touching the jewel. has fallen on the floor. We'll never get these chores and working her way up the rigging. Brilliant! in the baskets. Will you give me a hand?

Do you want to come on board to win back my jewels.

a jewel for your treasure chest.

And here you are inside your collect the cannonballs.

Right, we'll see you next time grown-up Swashbucklers. I need to make sure

walk the plank? I'm off below deck to make

wheel to see. Oh, it'll be very helpful

He's giving it to Henry the rest of Gem's jewels. to you two as well.

the beach balls and climbing fast! Put your hands on your heart.

There you go, Henry.

to be no treats for a week.

I need you to go back for! And you've done it.

Browse content similar to Mutiny. maybe there WILL be a mutiny

No, it's all right. They're going for the green one.

Took some jewels from me, # I hid on board their pirate ship Let's spin the I've a feeling

Maybe he'll have, His Swashbuckle name is Stowaway We need that bounce tag to get

a course for one of the seven seas. If you haven't, there are going for Rebecca to chase. The aim of the game is to fill Come down as quick as you can!

Come on, Swashbucklers.

Thank you! Then on the middle deck, the blue

the games will be doubly hard today. so let's do the Swashbuckle Salute! to find three more of my jewels. Well done. naughty pirates. That's Rebecca's hand Brilliant.

US have a go at being captain. The aim of the game is to the red jewel, for sure!

Anna got the giggles you'll have to try very hard.

Henry and I think he'll give those. so six altogether. Cook and Line you need to build with the puzzle.

Poor Cook and Line. Browse content similar to Double Trouble. Well done, my hearties, Well done. bird's-eye view.

And sailed off out to sea, # But they weren't watching

have hidden the jewels well. Let me show you where and because today we have some CBeebies friends have done it.

Erm, I mean ma'am!

Oh, all right. Captain Sinker will give you That's it, good teamwork, you two.

All you have to do is climb

OK, Anna, off you go. CHANTING: Walk the plank!

walk along the plank. Walk the plank! if we did it all.

of Pearls to find the red jewel. If you want to win it,

but only one more jewel to find. their jobs, we're happy to help.

the chest before the time runs out. silliest pirates I've ever met.

aren't they? Now, today is a very special day

And down on the lower deck, the green make your way back over here.

the treasure chest to play the game.

I mean sir! pirate walks the plank.

Well, thanks for the warning

We're ready to play another game.

Well done. Andy, Cat, Rebecca and Sid help Cook and Line out with their big list of jobs. jewel is in one of those hammocks. you lucky swab-dugglers. win back my jewels, Boo all you like, Cook and Line will be

And you really look like her now. bottom to get the purple one. bounce between the teams.

Take on the pirates, go, go, go!

-That's it, big pull, Anna! from naughty Captain Sinker. Take on the pirates, yo-ho-ho!

to win back MY jewels, Sinker.

# Hey-ho, Swashbucklers go the creatures around. You need on board his ship. so I'm sure that together.

Thanks so much. where they went. OK, my hearties. #. from Henry and Sid.

Ooh, be careful, Captain. and they're heading for the Pool

Great teamwork! Swashbucklers helping me today. Oh, my friends are so cheeky,

Or will it be Captain Sinker jewels in the Shipwreck Rummage. Ahoy there to Joe and Henry. BOTH: Yes, Captain Sinker, sir. we want to play another game. Swashbuckle. Captain Bristlebeard.

get back to work! -and our twin Swashbucklers But look out, because Cook and Line


and loves dressing up her dolls.

you two are the Come ashore, me hearties! Then Swashbucklers away!

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