Ultimate Stickman Fighting. You start with essentials headbutt, punch, armbreaker, etc. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Try the gravity mode, path of ninja, cowboys mode and even the story mode to start a cool adventure. It would be better so that my friend can play as a brawler while I play as a midboss.All that being said, I would definitely recommend this game to anyone interested in stick figures and simple combat. Just press both buttons at exactly the same time. It helps the stick figure to cause quite serious damage and defat the opponent. You can also play this game by yourself in many different modes. Stickman Fighting 2 Player is a fun addicting free online fighting game with ragdoll stickman doodle graphics. Those are all of my suggested features that I think would be cool too add, and sorry for this review being so long, I mean at this point I’m just blabbering about stuff.

It’s to a point where some of the boss battles are easier than the regular levels, which isn’t very thrilling. #1- I think adding a slightly different combat system for the moves you preform in the game. Masha's Puzzle. Stickman fighting that feels real, with big hits and ragdoll knockouts. - Chris, Hey dude, love this game and I'm almost finished with boss mode, I just have a few suggestions. Stick Wars. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. At the beginning of the game you have to choose one stick figure to play. Highlights: • Single player campaign• Two button controls• A surprising amount of moves for two buttons• Fighting that feels real• Easy to play, hard to master• Two Player, same-device multiplayer. Storm the House 3. Even more awesome is to be the one in the middle who kicks everyone’s ass. Controls: Mouse / WASD / Arrows = move. In this cool game for 2 players, you can challenge a friend to fight battles to the death, more specifically, until your stickman is teared apart.

It took me like half the day but I managed to 100% the game, and I gotta say this a very well made game. Sticky Ninja Academy. Stickman Fighting 2 Player is a fun addicting free online fighting game with ragdoll stickman doodle graphics. You must beat your enemy to make the scale full. I realize that it would make the game more complicated for a mobile game but it’s just an idea. Have fun with this free online game Stickman Fighting 2 Player on Silvergames.com! Thank you.I've noted all your points for future reference. Its nice to have someone request this. And secondly, you know the knives? It would be nice if there were two separate settings for the characters before the battles so that I don’t have the exact same characters and equipment as my opponent. This game is a good time killer and quite addicting.Now, I would be lying if I didn’t say there were a few flaws. Stick Badminton. Stickman Hook. Storm Ops 4. Died way too many times to throwing knifes because of it.Lastly I wanna talk about multiplayer. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We are constantly adding new stickman games.

I have to tap as low as possible to get it to work. Really great ideas. In this cool game for 2 players, you can challenge a friend to fight battles to the death, more specifically, until your stickman is teared apart. A couple of points.1) If you miss splits it probably just comes down to timing. Fight with your fists, feet, head, a sword and whatever you can hit your opponent with. There are no rules in this boxing game, so just float around and kick your rival’s butt until you win the fight. Next is the “Split” move. This is what a mobile game should be fun, simple, and easy to pick up and play. Can’t wait for future updates! I think we could add some more weaponry like a axe or a sword, it would make combat really interesting. but in a different tab similar to the cosmetic tab there are moves you can buy with the in game currency, and you swap them out for other move, for example you replace a headbut with a judo kick. The controls aren’t confusing, the rewards for winning actually make sense, the game isn’t too easy or nearly impossible, the combat is amazing and every level is uniquely designed to test your skills! #2- this goes in conjunction with number 1, but utilize the rest of that stickman body. And finally I think there should be more modes, now I know you are probably already working on more gamemodes but here is an interesting idea, maybe add a gamemode where you are able to fight animal stickmen, and if you defeat enough of them you can actually use them as your character in other gamemodes, and when I say animals I mean ranging from hogs to a raptor or something like that. Two button controls, with a surprising amount of depth, and moves. Hold them to maintain the splits.2) I couldn't agree more about asymmetrical multiplayer. Masked Forces. StoryQuest. Masha and the Bear Fruits Game. Almost every boss on classic mode is too easy, the bosses should gradually get harder. Like adding a fedora or top hat would be, in my opinion, hilarious. You are the first.Thanks again - Chris. Watching little stickmen fight barehanded like super skillful warriors performing cool combos is just epic. Hey mate.

It would also add a bit more character to them stickmen. Ideally you would get things from the moves shop and the move would be all kinds of unique, there doesn’t have to be that manny, as long as they are silly and unique. However I do see that it could benefit the game to maybe consider adding some of my ideas. Countless times I’ve tried to do the split and the response time would either be late or just not work at all. For starters maybe make it so the fighting can be maximized, like say for instance you could go to the shop and buy a shin breaker, which would replace the arm breaker when bought, and when landed on the opponent's leg it would stun them and bring them to the ground for a good finisher, similar to the arm breaker. Take a look at the never out-of-date stickman games… The stickmanfighting and stickmanshooting are two of the most beloved series. Strafe - WW2 Western Front.

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