(reads the note) "Dear Eddward, the shower is out of order due to renovations? Ed: Or like my head on a rainy day, huh, Eddy? Eddy: Cut it out, Ed. Okay. ), (The Eds chase the jawbreakers as they roll down a fence by the creek, staying perfectly balanced on the top. Is that you, Pooh Bear? She looks around his bedroom, she sees Eddy sleeping until he wakes up.). Besides, the jawbreakers would surely have dissolved by now. Me and Marissa kissed yesterday before she got kidnapped. I'm soaked to the marrow! Edd: Wait a minute, you're the guy who used to work on those SALF dishes. (gets the change) Thank you. Everything goes back to the way it was, except for Numbuh 1, mistaken by Numbuh 3 and Billy's dad for Billy, is taking away by Billy's Dad who plans on to punishing him for taking his lucky pants. ". Oh yeah! Ed: No, it's mine, Eddy, or is it Double D's.

When Billy's dad leaves to buy underwear, Billy wears his dad's "lucky pants", despite being told not to.

The last thing he picks is his Saturday hat. My name's Marissa. What about you, Eds? Did you say immortality?

Ed: (two bananas up his nose) Buy one, get one free! We're late for school! Louise from Bob's Burgers will be mentioned a few times and will appear as a cameo in the intro of the movie(similar to the girl Pikachu ran under in the original Pokemon intro) and Numah 1 will be running under her. Toby: Well, we thought about it. The cart starts to move onto the ride. It just isn't right. Outside, Ed is filling a tub with water from a hose.). Oh, messy messy messy. Marissa: It means "of the seas" in Latin. Edd: This is becoming too risky, fellows. Eddy: WHADDYA MEAN YOU'RE BROKE? This time, when he answers it, he finds Eddy.). Eddy: Morning, my name's Eddy. The hunt for the jawbreakers is still going on.).

Edd sees a castle in the sky.). Eddy: I have a perfect way to end this movie. Mandy's robot begins to lose until Numbuh 1 and Grim show up and fight the Delightful Reaper, though they begin to lose as well because Billy's dad's lucky pants are impervious to lasers, supernatural energy, and mustard. Eddy: Ed, Edd n Eddy's Pesky Problem Fixers! Special: The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door An imperative step to each and every day. The cart lands into the middle of nowhere, far from Peach Creek.). Is nothing sacred? The scene cuts to the boy inside his room. Along the way to the candy store though, Edd sees a squirrel on a tree with the magnifying glass. I've been looking all over for it! ), (After the credits ended, The Eds, in their new clothes, are looking at Peach Creek High for the first time with their friends.). (Eddy begins switching labels, switching the "Slipper" label, which he places on the bed, with the "Bed" label.).

It failed when Kevin came to give the Eds free jawbreakers, but was angered by the scam and decided against it. Remember?

Babies come from storks! He is halfway up the steps when the doorbell rings again. (Eddy's head gets sucked in but is shaken out. The kids left, disgusted. Ed: Or that time when you and Eddy help me babysit Jimmy and Sarah. Boy: 4,820, 4,821, 4,822, 4,823, 4,824... Ooh, I like what you've done with that tunnel. The end of an era and the end of our marvelous ed-ventures. "Ed's Pesky Problem Fixers" They Can Fix Any Pesky Problem For Only A Quarter . Then, it grows into a baby, and at night they come out and feed on table scraps!

Candy Store Owner: Here you go, boys. Eddy: We can retire from making them, monobrow! I remember!

How did you remember that? I'm going to miss you guys, so much. Around the room can be seen other evidence of his labeling, such as a bed labeled "Sack" and a label reading "Door Knob" next to the doorknob.). You hurt Rolf's feelings and he forgives you. When they get there, Ed can be seen watching a horror movie on TV. I'll go first. You destroyed his house with the Baking Powder Vapor Barrier. In one of these celebrations, you tossed away his sea cucumber ball. Eddy: You got that right, Lumpy! I CAN'T BREATHE!

As in live forever and never die? Marissa: It's okay. I'm looking over there. (holding a spatula) See? The cylinder tips over and points at the sky. (While Eddy's taking a shower, Marissa looks at Eddy's magazines and read them. Jake: Well, we're off guys. He is a bald African-American. (Edd goes back inside his house as Ed and Eddy wait for him to come back. I took the liberty of bringing my own toiletries. I'm gonna put this thing in my room. My name is Marissa.

Messy messy messy messy messy. (Eddy hangs up the phone in anger as the flasback ends where Eddy laughs.). Edd: Well, we can clearly see it isn't on Ed's person. Hey! (The Eds, Marissa, Verity, Jake, and Toby are at the end of the lane. Eddy lands on the board with Marissa. (The Eds arrived back to the Cul-De-Sac and walked back to their houses. . Edd: (sighs) It's not the fishball, Eddy. The wheels fall off and the axles spark against the wood. I hold this!

(Edd opens the door and has to clutch to the doorknob to keep himself from falling.

Kevin's bike is leaned against the garage. Edd: I know, Eddy. Mandy captures Numbuh 1, and tortures him until Numbuh 1 tells Mandy everything about the KND. I'm from Mellowbrooke. In a sudden show of pain, Grim senses that his scythe has been fused with evil and strangely delightful children, and Numbuh 1 realizes that he is talking about the Delightful Children from Down the Lane. Jake: Dude, you got yourself a girlfriend. Verity: The mask, Ed. Edd: Haha, very funny.

Marissa: Yeah, We can get there. A girl floats down towards them. I would add Louise from Bob's Burgers as the cameo. Oh, how I adore its sprinkling splendor. (The others smile and race into the amusement park. Though the Eds were the powerless ones. There would be evil animatronic clones of the CN heroes, the Double D the scariest one. ), (A bell rings and a bedspring shoots the Eds and Marissa skyward. Got a problem that's pesky? Marissa: I think I'm gonna head home.

My magnifying glass! Eddy: Two weeks? However, Billy's dad comes, removes the lucky pants and takes them away, being really, really angry that someone is wearing his pants. The title flashes on the screen. Marissa: Well, when we were ten, we were playing Truth or Dare with all our classmates and our boyfriends, my ex dares us to kiss. ), (Back in the base, Sergeant Mason picks up a file and smiles that the Eds got rid of Colonel Wilson. ), (The cart lands on top of them and flips right-side-up. Ed: He smells worse than the sandwich under my bed, Eddy! Beneath the window stand his friends.). Or like your three-month-old gym socks. She put herself on a path of redemption and vow that she'll never gain something evil ever again before going back to work. You had me and my friends worried there. Marissa: Marion?! He calls "Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Pesky Problem Fixers", but Billy doesn't have any money, so Eddy tells him to call the Kids Next Door since "they're cheap.".

They have to save their world from an evil organization with all the villains. Race you to Ed's place. Oh, don't forget the change. Edd: Not to be rude, Ed, but I desperately need to find a shower.

Have a nice day, boys. Edd: I know. ), Written by (Marissa laughs. (Jake steals Toby, Verity and Edd's clothes. We're moving to England, China, and Canada. I had to save you from falling. (The Eds and Marissa see the girl on the bridge. Rolf seems to have been mowing the lawn before suddenly stopping for some unknown reason. Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence and Ingenuity, The Danger Rangers Search for Sully's Family Treasures/Transcript, Matilda 2: Revenge of the Trunchbull (2020 film), Ed, Edd n Eddy the Movie: The Ed-Touchables, https://ideas.fandom.com/wiki/Ed,_Edd_n_Eddy_the_Movie:_The_Ed-Touchables/Transcript?oldid=2052811.

Marissa: Wow. That old fart is seeking immortality! 960x720px 858.59 KB. Remember? (Edd and Eddy rush over to Ed's. Eddy: Well, uh.

Danny Antonucci, (A sprinkler is watering Kevin's lawn. ), (The Eds' tussle. (carrying a jug). Marissa: Yes. We'll fix 'er, for just one lousy quarter!

Eddy: The Toll Moat? Remember that you tell Sarah and Jimmy where babies come from?

Without the lucky pants, the Delightful Reaper is defenseless and the Skeleton Samurai finishes it off, freeing the other kids inside it.

Before the military show up, wanna have another round of our memory game? Marissa walked towards Eddy and kissed him on the cheek. Ed: Double D and I angered the bees while Eddy fled and caused us to get stung. We wanna hang out with our new best friends.

There is a kiddie pool set up with a toy boat gently rocking in it. They have their sad looks on their faces. (Jake kiss Marissa while Toby kissed Verity, then run away to the bus station while Marissa gets angry and shouts at him.). (Just then, they hear people screaming, so they run to where the noise is coming from. Edd goes to his room, places his magnifying glass back to its rightful place, gets out of his house, and catches up to Ed and Eddy.). Ed, Edd n' Eddy by TrefRex. Edd: Eddy!

Oh, dear! Edd: How can I remember? Ed: (pulling out a grater) Let's get that custard out of your belly button, mister! Edd: HHAH! She wears a dark pink t-shirt with a black semi-circle on it, white shorts over black and blue leggings, pink shoes with black straps, white bows and soles, and a white backpack with one strap tied in a knot. I was Ed the Great. I remember something! My belly told me it was Bottomless Gravy Day in the cafeteria.

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