See more theme parks for kids in Rome … Located in the heart of Rome, Villa Borghese is the perfect place if you want a quick break while you’re walking through the city.Due to its location, this park is one of Rome’s more popular parks with tourists and locals visiting every day. See all Giardini dei Vaticano reviews, “There is so much to see along the way, from ruins to villas to catacombs.” They were also kind enough to let us use their washrooms.

This little gated garden is named for its eponymous orange trees though it has a fair number of umbrella pines framing a view onto St. Peter’s dome. Construction began in 1806 for the banker Giovanni Torlonia and finished by his son Alessandro. Items later found in the gardens include: The gardens were acquired by Tiberius and maintained for several centuries by the Roman Emperors as a public amenity. The Parco degli Acquedotti is a public park in Rome, Italy. This spectacular park is home to several well-preserved Roman aqueducts dating back to around 52 AD. Best of all, there are several playgrounds in Villa Borghese Gardens. ), Rome: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill Priority Tickets.

It’s a funny coincidence that the heart-shaped Villa Borghese lies right in the center of Rome. Climb up to the top of the garden for spectacular views of Rome peeking out from behind the lush plants. The area above Piazza del Popolo offers a great panoramic view of this park, there are also some attractions for children. This is a non exhaustive list of some of my favourite parks in Rome for days out with the kids, romantic strolls, views or reconnecting with nature.

The Horti Tauriani (Latin - Taurian gardens) was a large set of gardens in ancient Rome around the residence of Statilius Taurus, eminent character of the 1st century. Near the playground you can also spot few attractions for children, there’s the main stop for the special train which crosses the whole park. Here’s only nature. The gardens date back to 1279 when Pope Nicholas III relocated the papal residence from the Lateran Palace to the Vatican. It is entered from via Nomentana. These are the best places for budget-friendly nature & parks in Rome: Continue your visit to, "It’s a tranquil oasis of monasteries, villas, churches &, "This is a beautiful orange garden near the, "Having seen all we set out to see we grabbed some lunch from a bakery and headed up to, "Starting from the Circus Maximus, dividing the Palatine from the Aventin hills, up the Roseto, "We enjoyed our time exploring the Aventine Hill (Colle Aventino), including the rose garden that sits on the site of a former Jewish cemetary (Roseto Comunale), the Orange Tree, "In addition to a spectacular view there is an interesting park with the statue of, "You can gaze on the dome of St. Peter’s, the Vittorio Emmanuelle, "It’s gorgeous, bring your camera, it’s a free, "Only part of the garden was open but nevertheless was impressive as the roses were in, "It is here that you will see the best remains of the Roman, "We then had a great lunch at a cafe back towrds the metro station before returning to the park to sit ononeof the, "Located in the great, blue-painted metal doors to the grounds of the VIlla, the keyhole provides an exquisite view along a pathway, lined by cypress trees, to a distant St. Peter's Basilica in, "We had a lovely walk up to the keyhole from the centre, we walked around the circus Maximus track then up the hill to the keyhole, on route there was a lovely, "You can’t get enough of the beautiful umbrella, "Most of the shade is provided by soaring Umbrella Pines, but a grove of smaller, "The main building, beautifully restored, houses some of the, "I particularly enjoyed the Casina delle Civette with its Liberty style decoration, including, "This is a pretty location great for taking a, "We saw the Small Temple of Diana, Fountain of the Sea Horses, ancient busts and. Which experiences are best for nature & parks in Rome? It is located on the Gianicolo or the Roman Janiculum, just outside the Porta San Pancrazio in the ancient walls of Rome where the ancient road of the Via Aurelia commences. Some hotels have their own parking facilities.

306‑308, 313, 339; Choisy, pl. Trails, like roadways and mass transit, are key components in a community’s transportation system.

It is part of the Appian Way Regional Park and is of approximately 240 ha.

The Villa Borghese gardens still cover 17 acres (69,000 m²) of green on the site, now in the heart of Rome, above the Spanish Steps. You can read more about it here. more. Rome’s Aqueduct Park is a bit off the normal tourist path, but it’s easy to get to and well worth a visit – in fact, it was our favorite thing to do with kids in Rome!. These are the best places for couples seeking nature & parks in Rome: Which places provide the best nature & parks in Rome for groups? A well-kept secret in Rome, the Vatican Gardens are a delightful way to spend an afternoon, free of the crowds of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums.

See all Villa Torlonia reviews, “The gardens are a wonderful respite from the hustle and bustle of the Vatican museum .” There’s another great park in Rome, Villa Pamphili, near the Vatican, with little playgrounds, lakes and ponies to ride. This rione is now known as Sallustiano. This article gives an incomplete list of parks and gardens in Rome. Which places provide the best theme parks in Rome for kids and families? These experiences are best for nature & parks in Rome: What are the best places for nature & parks in Rome? M. Cima, "Gli Horti Liciniani: una residenza imperiale nella tarda antichità", in, Miranda Marvin, "The Ludovisi Barbarians: The Grand Manner". See all Parco Villa Borghese reviews, AventinoPiazza Pietro d'Illiria, Roma, RM, Appia AnticaVia Appia Antica 68, Roma, RM, Appia AnticaVia della Caffarella, Roma, RM, Città del Vaticano, VaticanoViale Centro del Bosco, Roma, RM, 14. Which makes sense – Rome is so jam packed with antiquities and culture that there isn’t much space left over for parks or playgrounds. Here is our 4 week itinerary for Italy with some suggestions for a 2 week Italy Itinerary and a 10-day Italy Itinerary with kids. The garden was established in 1883 and today contains more than 3,000 plant species, including a Japanese garden, bamboo forest and rose garden, as well as numerous greenhouses housing cacti, bonsai, orchids and other flora. A 10-minute walk from the Spanish Steps, Villa Borghese Gardens is the best park in Rome easily reached from the main tourist areas. Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel Skip-The-Line-Ticket Entry. The second Villa Borghese playground we found is a unique playground with wooden structures, such as little huts and vehicles. [8] Since the 17th century the nymphaeum has frequently been wrongly identified with the Temple of Minerva Medica mentioned in literary sources, on account of the erroneous impression that the Athena Giustiniani had been found in its ruins.[9]. This elegant park is best known for housing the Galleria Borghese museum, an impressive art collection begun by Cardinal Scipione Borghese at the beginning of the 17th century that contains important works by Caravaggio, Bernini, Raphael and Titian. (Thanks to our friends Jake and Dannie for this great recommendation. Gardens of Maecenas, gardens built by the Augustan era patron of the arts Maecenas.

It has an area of approximately 240 hectares, which includes Pineta Sacchetti.

Explore the Aqueducts Park and the Appian Way on a family-friendly bike tour.

“On the far end I enjoyed beautiful views of Rome and if you're into art- the Borghese gallery is located here.”

The Gardens of Sallust (Latin: Horti Sallustiani) were Roman gardens developed by the Roman historian Sallust in the 1st century BC using his wealth extorted as governor of the province of Africa Nova (newly conquered Numidia). Rome is a great place for a family vacation. Find the best Parks on Yelp: search reviews of 53 Rome businesses by price, type, or location. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The area of the park was crossed by six Roman aqueducts and one from the Middle Ages. Parks in Rome,leisure spots for kids and grown-ups in Rome, entertainment in parks, Villa Borghese park, Villa Pamphili, Parco dell'Appia Antica, Parco della Caffarella, Villa Torlonia and Villa Adriana parks.. d. Società d. Ingegneri, 1904, 165‑201; LS III.158‑161; some times spelt Pamphilj; the family favor the orthography of the long 'i', nymphaeum called the Temple of Minerva Medica, Boncompagni Ludovisi Decorative Art Museum, Museo Storico Nazionale dell'Arte Sanitaria,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 February 2020, at 03:45. Our kids had a great time climbing and exploring here. We know through our experience traveling with kids that if you find some time to let your kids play, they will be much happier (and co-operative) travelers! Another important attraction of the Villa Borghese park is “Piazza di Siena”, a large place for horses torneas.

The landscaped pleasure gardens occupied a large area in the northwestern sector of Rome, in what would become Region VI, between the Pincian and Quirinal hills, near the Via Salaria and later Porta Salaria.

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