ANGLE-CAROL ANNE AND BRUCE-They exchange an expectant glance. She knocks softly and prays. You can't do that to Pat. CLOSE ON HANDS-They touch. Tangina steps out and pays the driver. Tangina is standing against the sun and surf in a muu muu. Hulking finger impressions can be seen sinking deeply into her.

Above, a publicity still for a scene already in the film. Kitchen-Gardner Apartment-Day A different version of the "giant head" which lunges out of the closet door toward Steve Freeling was filmed at ILM, but was later discarded when Spielberg decided the face looked "too human" and not scary enough. The icy ax slips from Bruce's grasp. Kane's icy hands rip and tear at Bruce as he struggles to gain distance and a swinging grip to the ax. An eight-inch hole in the wall and the cracked plastic on the helmet testify to the force of impact. She drops onto the floor. Too much too soon. Steve's Oldsmobile station wagon shoots past this point, its tail-lights diminishing into the vanishing point. How come you never said anything about it at my house? Farrow pins the brooch on Lesh's sweater and takes an antique ring, placing it on her finger. Steve and Ryan turn. Diane, with an enormous amount of gray in her hair, reaches into her purse, almost as an afterthought and takes out an envelope addressed to the Freeling family. Carol Anne shoots across the room faster than before, and with no one to catch her. HER POV-ANOTHER MONITOR-Carol Anne is running through the garage. I've been up here once or twice. In the film, the shot where Diane sees the Beast amongst the other spirits on the videotape was cut. Don't  be scared of the taxi man, he's a friend of Daddy's and mine. It's great for business. He chases after her. I need to get some sleep. (to Steve) The above publicity still photo shows Carol Anne (Heather O'Rourke) at the kitchen breakfast bar in the Gardner apartment set of P3. LESH ANGLE-BRUCE-Pat is behind him still pounding on the door and screaming. I am a fellow 'Poltergeist' fan and I am not making any of it up. She is left for dead, on the wet, sweat-stained sheets. The nightmare has ended.

MRS. SEATON ANGLE-STATUE-The plaster face glares at him. tangina gives the necklace to bruce to get carol anne and donna!!! It's very distinguished.

Like jello are her legs. May we cross that bridge together someday?

JOHN HANCOCK BUILDING-NIGHT She turns and sees the bed is not made. Spielberg felt it reduced the intensity of the sequence. You just never give up. ********************************************************.

CAMERA SLOWLY MOVES INTO the door and number. Diane struggles, crawling off the bed to the door, reaching, straining to open it. DIANE BRUCE

What? The face reacts to the touch of the necklace.

WIDEN TO REVEAL four places that have been set up at a bar table. Supposedly, an earlier draft of the script featured a scene that was likely never filmed. His face the essence of pure evil.

LESH CLOSE ON MRS. SEATON-She's the same age as Seaton, but younger.

E. Buzz sits by Robbie. Apparently she's been through quite an ordeal. ", In the scene Kane tries to torment Tangina while Diane tells him to leave them alone. LESH

At his side is E. BUZZ on leash. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT IRVINE CAMPUS - ESTABLISHING - DAY. We install the first pool.

Diane and Steve stand divorced from this. FADE OUT.. (mock protesting) Let's have a slumber party. DIANE IS GOING TO FAINT. They meld into the crowd. Apparently during filming, Spielberg couldn't make up his mind about the "ghosts coming down the stairs" sequence. He sent me a few scans from it.

Robbie, sitting up in bed, looks all around for the clown doll. Just about. Donna picks up her packet of vitamins and stares at her Pop-up. Outside in!

"You Are Now Leaving Beautiful Cuesta Verde Estates". Watch the trip wires! Lesh starts to laugh and punches Farrow on his leg. [Bruce and Pat in the elevator] Almost immediately, the other set of elevator doors open, revealing nothing but a black, empty shaft! The Freelings, Dana, Robbie, Steve, and Diane are asleep, on two beds still in the clothes we last saw then wearing. I so wish to accept what I saw. DELETED SCENES? Furniture movers we got. CAMERA MOVES IN ON WINDOW AS FOCUS SHIFTS TO THE SUN COMING UP OVER LAKE MICHIGAN, it's cleansing light wiping out the nightmare that claimed a special life, a life sacrificed to save a family. DIANE Below that is a scan from the … The room is a sea of swirling white mixed with debris, but the storm is quickly dissipating as visibility returns.

Call my sister and tell her I'm returning her little monster, air express, tonight! CRACK!

Lesh is exhausted. ANGLE-BRUCE-as he backs away from the elevator shaft, mumbling, almost to himself. What I'm looking forward to is getting upstairs, packing up everything that belongs to that little brat, her clothes, her toys, everything! ROBBIE ROBBIE She waves and watches herself waving on the monitor. CAROL ANNE The smoky substance twists and melts and forms what appears to be the shape of a man�s back. Only compliments. FARROW

FOUR MEN in burlap type coats, floppy hats, denim and boots face away from the CAMERAS, a WOMAN dressed in the style of the 1920�s moves through the room, tears on her face--people of all ages and descriptions wander aimlessly, lost and sad through the living room. When it is recognized for what it is. I'll get you some coffee...and something to eat. No. PATRICIA STEVE Patricia glances askance at Donna, then rips open her packet of vitamins, pops them in her mouth and starts to take a sip of coffee. The first thing we notice is that the stain is gone and the curtains are lace yellow with white for borders. It prevents the mouth from suddenly dropping open when the body is in repose. Slaming into a wall and sliding along the icy floor. When he gets to the active bedroom he hesitates, listens through the door, pulls in his courage and turns the knob. DIANE The brightness growing to blinding levels. They turn but it's too late. Helen enters.

****************************************************. But he's promised not to talk about this for several weeks. Brass buttons, pocket watches and cufflinks. There a magnet back there? As she tilts her head hack for a second sneeze she freezes looking at the wall over her bed.

...I'll have to display these, you know.

The Freelings are moving.

Bruce struggles with Kane, a statue with a human head.

TANGINA Diane lets out a chilling SCREAM. It pulls away from the curb. ANGLE-BRUCE, DONNA, SCOTT, CAROL ANNE-The wind pins them back, covering them with a deadly frozen ice, draining them of life, reducing them to a frozen sculpture. DR. LESH The door bursts open.

Of course, the door is locked. The number of kids has dwindled as Donna, Scott, Melissa, Dusty, Sandy, and Jeff have left. LESH DONNA Her eyes move upward. The five of them together in a family embrace sharing tears of joy and relief. Throwing rocks at it. onto Bruce's shoulder. Below are parts of the movie which didn't end up in the finished film. A lonely Pop Up sits on each plate. Poltergeist III is a 1988 American supernatural horror film co-written and directed by Gary Sherman, and starring Tom Skerritt, Nancy Allen, and Lara Flynn Boyle, with only Heather O'Rourke and Zelda Rubinstein reprising their roles from the previous films. She's wearing a housecoat. Something's occurring here that we can't explain. (almost forgetting his ordeal for a few seconds of mental freedom) The front door opens and Tuthill steps into the bug light. May all we believe be true. His eyes lock on something. Again! He smashes the face again!

That's because it's not in the movie. He frantically attempts to wipe it away from his face and nostrils. Maybe Tuthill got himself a super remote from the Radio Shack. FARROW THEIR POV-Through the raging fog, an enourmous icy sculpture of a face begins to push through. HER POV-Bruce's arm extends out from within the storm, reaching out to her. I'm making you the accessory in this crime. Diane GASPS and jumps back. DIANE Donna picks up one of Patricia's compacts, a fancy looking one, starts to powder her nose as she follows Patricia into the hallway. Bruce is startled as he collides with a solid object. So who's to say an artist shouldn't step back from his easel to admire the sum of his parts. About a thousand rnosquitos chow down on the Freelings while they talk. CAROL ANNE IN DEFIANCE OF EVERY KNOWN LAW OF PHYSICS. STAIRWELL-98TH FLOOR LANDING-JOHN HANCOCK-NIGHT PATRICIA My mom always makes her instant...she just adds cinnamon and Aunt Trish...sorry..PAT never knows the difference. Pat holds on to the trembling rig as she fights the icy wind and attempts to lengthen her safety cable. If only you were fifty years younger. It is nowhere in sight. (6/7) CLIP- poltergeist 3 (1988)- OUTSIDE IN scene extended!! Looky, looky, looky-loo. Did you ever try arguing with my big sister? FARROW Where exactly do you suppose Carol Anne was playing before she vanished from sight? CAMERA PUSHES PAST the sleeping Freelings to a view over Carol Anne's shoulder. RUN!


Kane says he remembers Tangina from taking Carol Anne away from him. CLOSE ON FACE OF STATUE-CRACK! DIANE One scene I saw differences, was after Carol Anne Freeling gets sucked into the closet, & the family is running around trying to find her, well there are about 2 or 3 more shots of the family opening doors etc "Before" her voice is heard coming from the TV. The ground opens up trapping the car on a narrow island. The melded mass of Bruce, Donna, Scott, and Carol Anne come flying through the fog, tossed about in the storm. He reaches out for the necklace, but as he does, the light becomes blinding. You need me, Kane! ROBBIE Well, Carol Anne is on the phone...looking FOR Donna. Bathroom-Gardner Apartment-Day I figured I'd never explain it to you. It's Donna. Bruce's hands clasp onto Pat and pulls her straight into the storm. Bekins boxes are stacked all around, and packings lists lie on the kitchen counter. DR. LESH AND A SENIOR ADVISOR, ANTHONY FARROW. Deleted Scenes (above, a scene cut from the film in which Steve and Diane notice some poltergeist activity involving their toaster. MARY ( to Diane) The WIND HOWLS and he is pelted with ice and snow. Thanks to "Charlie" from Canada for the above scan! Just please not on "Sixty Minutes.". One of your children was born in your house.

DIANE The most noticeable difference is the ending. His mouth opens like that of an enourmous jungle cat, hissing out an evil wind. begins again, but this time... Diane is pulled to her feet. The ax handle connects with the face, shattering the shell into dust. TANGINA Their arms intertwined around each other. hardly audible over the building storm. The National Enquirer pays more for inventing what we must bust our rumps investigating and for what? From three meters you're freefalling. Carol Anne pushes the pop-ups down in the toaster. Diane flinches and steps away from it. Attempting to keep his eyes open against the storm, he searches.

The room returns to normal and all the family and Scott are saved. The mirror explodes! Bless us, oh Lord, for these thy gifts which we are about to receive. (agitated at all this fussing) ALL Bruce features more prominently than Pat. Yeah God!

By this summer (in bass baritone) "the hills are alive with the smell of chlorine.". Okay, pops! THE CAMERA MOVES IN ON BRUCE, PATRICIA, DONNA, CAROL ANNE, AND SCOTT. Below are excerpted scenes from the script which didn't end up in the finished film. Smells promising.

Later Writer/Producer Michael Grais did confirm this: "Yes, I do remember something like was a great scene. Ice begins to cover her, draining her of strength and attempting to knock her free of the rig. Lesh, Diane and Steve blow backward, their clothes flapping in the gale as the force passes through each one of them and out the picture window that. FLASH! Diane pulls off the covers and the sheets, making them ready for the washing machine. The STAIN STOPS GROWING AND STARTS TO BREATHE, moving in and out like the hairy body of a mutant tarantula.

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