In 1984 he was elected a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Yuri Gulyaev. The present Moscow State University originally occupied the Principal Medicine Store on Red Square from 1755 to 1787. The Journalism Department now occupies the university's original location in downtown Moscow across from the Manezh, steps from the Kremlin and other government buildings. The historical building on Mokhovaya Street now mainly houses the Faculty of Journalism, the Faculty of Psychology, and The Institute of Asian and African Studies. Professor of Physics, Harvard University, co-director of the Harvard Center for Quantum Physics and the Center for Ultracold Atoms of Harvard, a member of the International Advisory Council of the Russian Quantum Center.

Yu. Fundamental Physics Prize for numerous discoveries in the theory of fields and string theory, including the discovery of magnetic monopoles, solitons. For more than 20 years Andrei Alexandrovich has been managing Russian and international projects in the field of "living systems", is co-founder and head of the Center for High Technologies "ChemRar", the largest non-state research center in Russia to develop and introduce innovative medicines. [4][5][6], Since 1953, most of the faculties have been situated on Sparrow Hills, in the southwest of Moscow, 5 km from the city centre. The original and generalizing works of Fortov and his students include monographs published in recent years: "Nonideal Plasma," "Strong Shock Waves and Extreme States of Matter," "Shockwave Phenomena in a Condensed Matter," "Shock Adiabats of a Condensed Matter at High Energy Densities," " Extreme states of matter on Earth and in space. VG Repin is the author of more than 200 scientific works on the theory of radio and optical location, radiophysics, filtration theory, decision theory, system analysis and synthesis.

Since 1997, he has been head of the Department of Astro-particle Physics and Cosmology at the Physics Department of the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. He made a principal contribution to the research cycle on the physics of high energy densities at the Angara-5-1 complex.

Under the leadership of Belousov, Parallels achieved the first positions in the market due to its innovative desktop virtualization products, OS containers and control panels.

Initially, the company specializes in the development of software products that manage the virtual infrastructure of VMware. While it was placed 77th overall[13] by the Academic Ranking of World Universities and 112th[14] by QS World University Rankings, it was not included among the top 200 universities[15] by recent Times Higher World University Rankings and came in at 296th (based on the full THE World University Rankings in their iPhone application). © 2001-2020 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University). Since 1955 he worked in KB-1 in the theoretical department under the direction of GP Tartakovsky. [7] Located on Moscow's outskirts at the time of its construction, the location of the main building is now about half-way between the center of Moscow at the Kremlin and the city's current limits. Its first professors were Nobel Prize winners Kapitsa, Semenov and Lev Landau, and its first rector was Ivan Petrov. (They are coming soon). When he reached the environment, we turned off the control laser. 1968 - scientist, A.I. In the US, Khachiyan continued research on some of his old topics, such as the complexity of an inscribed ellipsoid of maximum volume, and also conducted research on new directions. He proposed operational tools for organizing parallel processes in tasks and hierarchical organization of software systems.

From May 17, 1990 to January 2, 1992 he worked as a consultant to the USSR Presidential Aide Mikhail Gorbachev. He worked at the Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics together with Eugene Lifshitz, participated in the editing of some chapters of the second volume of the Course of Theoretical Physics, Landau and Lifshitz. Moscow Institute of Physics andTechnology State University education is divided into 12 departments, covering a wide range of knowledge fields in fundamental and applied science, including general and applied physics, space research, life sciences, aerophysics, nanotechnology, radio and flight engineering, quantum electronics, molecular physics, innovation, system engineering and more. 2003-2005 - MBA at the California State University of East Bay. And from next year, again undergoes training as a flight engineer.

Catherine the Great transferred the University to a Neoclassical building on the other side of Mokhovaya Street; that main building was constructed between 1782 and 1793 in the Neo-Palladian style, to a design by Matvei Kazakov, and rebuilt by Domenico Giliardi after the fire consumed much of Moscow in 1812.

Since 1996, he taught at MIPT a political and legal analysis with elements of mathematical modeling of political processes, at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University - the right of mass information, was in charge of the department of computer law at MEPI.

LD Landau of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1966 he conducted on the Olympics in physics, chemistry, astronomy.

Possessing a personal fortune of $ 1.5 billion, in 2016 he took 47th place in the list of 200 richest businessmen of Russia (according to Forbes magazine). From June 25, 1996 to February 12, 1998, in accordance with his current position, he was a member of the Defense Council of the Russian Federation. Alexander Abramov (Founder of Evraz Group), Boris Aleshin (Deputy prime minister in the Russian government, President of AvtoVAZ, General director of TsAGI), Aleksandr Frolov (CEO of Evraz Group), Boris Saltykov (Russian Minister of Science and Technology). A Russian artist, professional animator and director, A businessman, investor, co-owner and managing partner of the Corporation "TechnoNICOL", Soviet and Russian physicist, entrepreneur, billionaire, and the founder, CEO and chairman of IPG Photonics.

Since 2006 - President of Evraz S.A., President of EvrazHolding LLC. A physicist, scientific director of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Nanotechnology of Microelectronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INME RAS) Alumni.

Chekhov's works "Chekhov is alive», Professor, RAS, MBA - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ChemRar Group of Companies. Andrey's experience, knowledge and intuition allowed creating a whole series of award-winning innovative products, based on architecture and basic technologies, a generation ahead of competitors' solutions.

One of the leading programs of InfoMania on STS channel. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University Campuses. Pavel A. Arkadievich defended his thesis in 1988 at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, working at the State Scientific Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms. Filippenko was honored with People's Artist of Russia in 2000. [3] The university includes 15 research institutes, 43 faculties, more than 300 departments and 6 branches (including five foreign ones - all in the CIS countries).

Moscow State University has educated many notable alumni including leaders of the Soviet Union and other governments as well as a Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church. The imperial government repeatedly threatened to close the University. Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Manchester University. A Russian and American physicist. Now it is the chair of microprocessor technologies with a base in ZAO Intel A / O. In 1997-1998, again preparing for flights, and during the start, duplicates the flight engineer of the ship. MIPT was set up on September 17, 1951 by Resolution №3517-1635 of the Soviet Cabinet of Ministers on the basis of the Department of Physics and Technology at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. The Foundation pays scholarships to gifted students of physico-technical universities from low-income families. He worked at the Computing Center of the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. The university includes a number of faculty buildings located near Manege Square in the centre of Moscow and a number of campuses abroad in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, A physicist, scientific director of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Nanotechnology of Microelectronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INME RAS). In the late 1980's.

From September 13, 1973 to May 6, 1980 he worked at TsKBEM, renamed in 1973 in the NPO Energia (now the SP Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia) as an engineer, then as a senior engineer of the department No. In 1991, once again trained as a flight engineer and on the launch of the ship in May, duplicates the flight engineer in the starting lineup.

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