In fact, contrary to standard practice even in indie rock, Minutemen sometimes saw records as a way to promote their tours, not the other way around. )[citation needed], On rare occasions since 2001, and usually in the Los Angeles area (two December 2004 performances in England being a notable exception), George Hurley and Mike Watt, who have remained friends since Firehose's disbanding in 1994, reunite to play a set list of all Minutemen songs as a duet. [32], In 1994, Little Brother Records released the Minutemen tribute CD and LP Our Band Could Be Your Life. 10. In 1985 they released their most commercial-sounding recording, Project: Mersh.

[citation needed] Bargain Music, Hot Club de Paris, Karate, Brutal Truth, Jeff Mangum, Yonder Mountain String Band and Red Hot Chili Peppers have all covered Minutemen songs. Hurley and Watt have also continued to make music together both live and in the studio since Firehose's splitting in 1994, starting with a track, along with Petra Haden and Stephen Perkins, for the NORML benefit album Hempilation II in 1998. Fake Contest 07. [1], Grubun dağılmasından sonra Mike Watt ile George Hurley, bir Minutemen hayranı olan Ed Crawford ile Firehorse'u kurdu. They settled on their music style on their first LP, The Punch Line (1981), and toured constantly around America promoting the album. At some of these gigs, Watt would set up one of Boon's old guitars and amps on the side of the stage where Boon used to stand. (remix)" on their posthumous release Second Hand Smoke, as did San Diego-based indie rockers Pinback on their eponymous debut LP. In the summer of 1973 Watt and Boon formed the Bright Orange Band, with Boon's brother Joe on drums. They insist that they not be billed as Minutemen for these shows or referred to as a Minutemen reunion,[9] as they do not want to cheapen or "vampire" the Minutemen name. Their third EP and fourth overall release was Bean-Spill. They are also now involved in an improvisational music group, Unknown Instructors, with members of Saccharine Trust and Pere Ubu. [original research?] [23], Watt has dedicated all of Firehose's releases and his solo albums to the memory of Boon. Corona 06. This video is unavailable. In the documentary We Jam Econo, Watt also states that the name was a play on "minute" (/maɪˈnjuːt/ my-NEWT).

19" and "Bubblegum" off EVOL, toured briefly as a member of Porno for Pyros in 1996 and J Mascis and the Fog in 2000 and 2001, and became the bassist for The Stooges in 2003.

[10], They were influenced heavily by bands such as Wire,[11] Gang Of Four, The Pop Group,[11] Richard Hell & The Voidoids, and The Urinals, and nearly all of their early songs had unusual structures and were less than a minute long—even later, when Minutemen's music became slightly more conventional, their songs rarely passed the three-minute mark. Beacon Sighted Through Fog 08.

George Hurley has produced work with Vida, Mayo Thompson, and Red Crayola, further indulging the free-form and off-the-wall leanings showcased on Double Nickels. [2][3][4][5][6][7],, Müzik sanatçısı bilgi kutusunda köken parametresinin kullanıldığı sayfalar, Kırmızı bağlantıya sahip ana madde şablonu içeren maddeler, Creative Commons Atıf-BenzerPaylaşım Lisansı. In 2000 Watt, as administrator of the band's publishing, allowed the automaker Volvo to use the Boon instrumental "Love Dance" (from Double Nickels) in a car ad. Minutemen's anti-rockist eclecticism was perhaps best exemplified on 1984's double album Double Nickels on the Dime. [17] Joe Strummer of The Clash listed Minutemen as one of the ultimate punk bands along with Ramones, Television Personalities, and Buzzcocks.[18]. [1] Watt, tüm Firehorse albümlerini ve daha sonra çıkardığı solo albümlerini Boon'a ithaf etti.

[citation needed]. A year later, however, Watt and Hurley compiled various live recordings, based on the ballots, which were released as Ballot Result. Watt repaid this salute by appearing in Sublime's video for "Wrong Way" in 1996. Minutemen were fans of Captain Beefheart,[12] and echoes of his distinctive, disjointed, avant-blues music can be heard in their songs, especially their early output. They were noted in the California punk community for a philosophy of "jamming econo"—a sense of thriftiness reflected in their touring and presentation—while their eclectic and experimental attitude was instrumental in pioneering alternative rock and post-hardcore. The group's early recordings (up until their 1985 12" EP Project: Mersh) were recorded as "econo" (Pedro slang for inexpensive, short for "economical") as possible – the group would book studio time after midnight at cut rates, tech their own shows, practice the songs before going into the studio, record on less-expensive used tape, and record the songs in the order they intended to have them on the record rather than waste time editing the master tape during the sequencing phase. Friday, December 13, 1985 Minutemen opened for REM then joined REM on stage for the final encore of the tour, See No Evil [Television] final Minutemen gig before D. Boon was tragically killed in a vehicular accident [3] Following Starstruck's disbandment, Boon and Watt met drummer George Hurley and formed The Reactionaries with vocalist Martin Tamburovich. Their song, It's a Game, is about The Minutemen. Though still somewhat obscure to mainstream audiences, Double Nickels has been cited as one of the more innovative and enduring albums of the 1980s American rock underground. [21] The film premiered at the Warner Grand Theatre in the Minutemen's hometown of San Pedro in February 2005. Retreat 05. Several Minutemen album sleeves and covers, such as the Paranoid Time EP and What Makes a Man Start Fires? They also played cover versions of classic rock songs by bands such as Creedence Clearwater Revival,[13] Steely Dan,[14] and Blue Öyster Cult. Watt fell into a deep depression after his friend's death, but was convinced to continue performing by Sonic Youth.[7]. with Michael Ely and Spider Taylor after the Reactionaries disbanded.

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