Additional required changes were the addition of rails for optical sights and other modern accessories. The M60 machine is a medium machine gun used from the Vietnam War through Operation Desert Storm. The nonferrous lining considerably increased the lifespan of each barrel although there were complaints that the barrel was heavy. The reduced-weight components also reduced the durability of the weapon, making it more prone to rapid wear and parts breakage than the original. In US service, the M60D has been primarily replaced by the M240H. Duct tape and cable ties have been seen on M60s in the field, placed there by their crews in case the spring clip breaks.

ammunition box with ammunition feed chute and adapter. The M41 armament subsystem consists of a safety shoulder harness and mount that is M60 Machine Gun is a short- to medium-ranged automatic weapon, affected by the Machine Gunner perk.

The four to one ratio theoretically allows the gunner to accurately "walk" the fire into the enemy. FAQ | Early MK 43s have certain differences over M60E4 from the same period, the most obvious being the duck-bill flash hider and different handguard. The M60 is based on the American M60 general purpose machine gun. The gun's weight and the amount of ammunition it consumes when fired make it difficult for a single soldier to carry and operate. Optimal operating range was about 3,900 feet. The M60E3 7.62mm machine gun is a lightweight, air-cooled, disintegrating metallic link-belt fed, portable or tripod mounted machine gun designed for ground operations like its predecessor, the M60. Ammunition is usually fed into the weapon from a 100-round bandolier containing a disintegrating, metallic split-link belt. The M60 has an unusable bipod. The M144 armament subsystem consists of a left and right side mount marked "LEFT" or In 1984, the Army had adopted the Belgian FN Minimi as the M249 SAW for use as a squad weapon. Worse, the nut that held the gas system to the weapon would back out and fall off in extended firing, which had to be fixed in the field by the use of a—wire hanger. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. assembly. The standard combat ammunition mix for the M60 consists of four ball (M80) cartridges and one tracer (M62) in belts of 100 rounds. The safety was awkward to operate and worked the "wrong way" for soldiers who were trained with the M16 rifle and M1911A1 pistol—that is, it required an upward movement of the thumb on the safety catch to make the gun ready to fire, rather than a downward movement as with the other weapons. M60 in the field in the 1960s with the 101st airborne. safety, universal sling attachments, a carrying handle on the barrel, and a simplified One distinctive feature of the M60 was the chromium-plated barrel and satellite liners for the first six inches along the muzzle from the chamber. It was electrically controlled, hydraulic power charged, air-cooled, Osprey make some fantastic books, i have quiet a collection of World War 2 and Vietnam referance books from this publisher, i decided on the The M60 Machine Gun book as it was a mainstay weapon of Vietnam, naturally the book as all Ospreys is factual with many pictures and info. He now lives and works in Cornwall. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. But there’s NEVER been anything like THIS before. Ordnance to the M60E4/MK 43. Something went wrong. But there’s NEVER been anything like THIS before. The ammunition bearer carries additional ammunition and the tripod with associated traversing and elevation mechanism, if issued, and fetches more ammunition as needed during firing. Let's find out. M60C production was on the order of several hundred. When tested in the field, the M60 was fairly effective, but in the jungles of Southeast Asia in which it was soon used, the initial versions displayed several potential problems when used on the ground. Unlike its predecessors, the M60E3 has several updated modern features. Each is bolted to the outside of the

A few M60s saw service into Iraq and Afghanistan and continue to haunt armories in spec ops units today, but, without an official notice, the pig has been put to pasture by the US military. The M60 can be accurately fired at short ranges from the shoulder thanks to its design.

reduce the load carried by the gunner.

M60E2, intended for co-axial use. Most infantry units in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps have now switched over to the M240 as their general-purpose machine gun, which is more reliable (particularly when dirty) and seems to be well liked by the troops for its ruggedness, despite the fact that it weighs 27.6 lb (12.5 kg) compared to the standard M60 at 23.15 lb (10.5 kg). In the late 1950s, the US Army was in the process of converting their arsenal from the tried and true .30-06 round (that had gotten it through both World Wars and Korea) to the shorter and more controllable 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. Please try again. The B model had no bipod and featured a different rear stock than the regular model; it retained its pistol grips.

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