Tuesday, June, 9th - 11th, 2020 Fraser Fir feature classic Christmas tree looks, with short, soft, dark-green needles with silver undersides revealed by upturning branches. We are the #1 Source for Christmas Trees delivered to your door. Miami, FL Enter the number found on your ‘NEEDLEFRESH QUALITY GUARANTEED’ label. • Unobtrusive Email List, • all available evergreen plug seedlings and evergreen plug transplants are for sale and now shipping Order emerald green arborvitae, potted pine trees, potted blue spruce & more. It is a high altitude tree, typically occurring at 300-1500 metres (980 -4920 ft). • Join our unobtrusive email list to be notified of important dates and significant changes to availability [only a few emails per year, promise!

Tuesday, September, 15th - 17th, 2020 Splendid for smaller spaces due to its slimmer, conical shape, the Fraser fir also has a delicious balsam scent which fills the room for the entire festive period. Considered to be one of the most handsome trees, with its lovely blue/green foliage and pleasant fragrance, Noble fir has good needle holding properties.

• Individual Cotton Gift Bag Packaging And the Fir is cold hardy, all the way down to -20 degrees, with soft, flexible foliage that adapts to a variety of climates. Mission & Vision. In terms of species, Fraser are so similar to Balsam Fir seedlings that scientists believe that not too long ago they were one and the same.

• all available bare root evergreen seedlings and bare root evergreen transplants are for sale and now shipping • Delayed ship dates Go to any Christmas tree farm and you will find this species, or just the stumps because it has already sold out.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Potted pine trees, evergreen trees for pots & arborvitae for sale. Browse our catalog of evergreen products. • Individual Eco Friendly Packaging The mountains divide Turkey and Georgia and there they grow to fully mature trees up to 12 - 15 meters high. Fraser Fir feature classic Christmas tree looks, with short, soft, dark-green needles with silver undersides revealed by upturning branches. Go to any Christmas tree farm and you will find this species, or just the stumps because it has already sold out. • Other ways to order Please call ahead. Fraser fir is not widely grown as it only thrives in specific locations, especially from where it originates in the Appalachian Mountains of South Eastern USA. product for over 39 years. Free Shipping on our Balsam Fir Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Kissing Balls and more!

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It can display all the characteristics of the perfect Christmas tree but is however, notoriously difficult to grow. Our Christmas Tree Shop offers pot grown Christmas Trees as a wonderful way for you to celebrate Christmas. Once the seedlings are strong enough, the plants are dug up and replanted in our Christmas tree fields. Fresh Fraser Fir Christmas Trees. Abies fraseri seedlings grow to a height of 50 ft [rarely to 80 feet], and will flourish in fertile, rich loamy & sandy soils which are slightly acidic. The ever-popular Nordman Fir is best known for its great needle holding, soft dark green needles, and its wonderful natural shape.

Find the perfect evergreen trees & evergreen plants for pots for sale on our online store. From our farm to your family room. The Balsam fir drops it's needles more easily, therefore we don't use it as a Christmas tree.

It takes at least 6 years before we can start harvesting the trees. We invite you to come to the farm and inspect our trees before ordering. Debates continue as to whether they should be considered separate species or not. As with most species of fir, Frasers are tolerant of shade when young, but prefer full sun as they mature and gain height. Our mission is to provide supreme quality Christmas trees and wreaths at the best rate.

A good 2-meter tree can take 8 years to be ready.

The ever-popular Nordman but with a slimmer shape. Virginia Fraser Fir Tree Farm. This tree helps to reduce vacuuming time with its good needle retention, and its dense branches hold soft green/silver needles – perfect for a family Christmas. Its fragrance, shape, strong limbs, and ability to retain its soft needles for a long time when cut make it one of the best Christmas trees in the world. My grandfather called these the “Cadillacs of Christmas trees”, which in his day meant quite a bit. ], • Individual Plastic Packaging SOLD OUT, see Fraser Fir plug seedlings, Fraser Fir transplants or the nearly identical Balsam Fir seedlings, The famous Fraser Fir is a beautiful landscape ornamental, and is widely considered one of the finest conifer species in North America (and most commonly misspelled: Frazer Fir, Frasier Fir, Fraser Fur, Frazier Fir, etc.). Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better Fraser fir is widely used as a Christmas tree, especially in America, and has been used more times than any other as the official White House Christmas tree. If you love to have a tree that reaches up the ceiling, but you need to fit it into a small area then the slymshape tree is for you. Originally from the North West coast of the United States, Noble fir still grows widely in the Rocky Mountains. • Auger For Plug Transplants, 24″ Long by 2.75″ dia Luckily – our Fraser fir growers have spent years perfecting how to get the best growth and shape. A good rule of thumb is to plant them from Tennessee north, but you can also plant them in areas of higher elevation. Our Douglas fir are from Rocky Mountain seed sources and have been grown here on our farm in Central Pennsylvania to produce fine quality trees. we respect your privacy, your information will not be shared.

superior on-time service. From our farms to your facility Get ready for a tree that lives for centuries to come. Though the Fraser fir has a balsam fragrance, it is not to be confused with the closely related Balsam fir. NC Fraser Fir Tree Farm. Offering North Carolina Christmas Trees and Virginia Christmas Trees. © Copyright 2020 Needlefresh® and Needlefast®, Real Christmas Trees, Fresh and Live Christmas Trees from UK based Christmas Tree Suppliers, Nordman Fir Christmas Trees | Noble Fir Christmas Trees | Lodgepole Pine Christmas Trees | Christmas Tree Farm, The most popular Christmas tree in the UK.
• Custom Laser Cut Pendants Mail Order Christmas Trees. It's easy to decorate and nice and soft for children to handle! These trees don't drop their needles so easily when brought into your home. • FAQ & HELP >> Planting a Douglas Fir means you're contributing to an important part of the ecosystem that will live for centuries. You are here: Nurserymen > Evergreen Seedlings > Fraser Fir.

Great for business & home landscaping. • Discounts & codes

A Non Needledrop Christmas tree in the traditional Classic shape. The seed is collected from specific areas where the trees are of particularly good form, it is then sown in specialist tree nurseries where they are germinated and grown into seedlings. You can now have a tree that commands the whole room without using up all the space! Our logistics team provides we assure product freshness. Buy Real Christmas Trees Online. Enter your postcode to find real Christmas trees for sale at your nearest supplier. Call … www.floriexpo.com, Miami, FL We've been growing Christmas trees for over four generations and we specialize in growing the finest Balsam and Fraser fir trees.

It is often a popular choice because of the more open branching and great shape - ideal for showing off larger decorations. Fraser Fir Tree Fundriaser. Great care is taken to select only the strongest seedlings so we grow the very best Christmas trees. Grown to the same exacting standards as our ever-popular Classicshape Nordman these trees have been specially pruned throughout their years of growing to be slimmer in shape. They have been grown in pots all their lives and have a well developed root system which means that they can be replanted or repotted after Christmas, thus making them a sustainable and environmentally friendly tree. We live, work and play in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee which are the only places that the Fraser Fir tree will grow naturally.

My grandfather called these the “Cadillacs of Christmas trees”, which in his day meant quite a bit. • Expedited Shipping Options, Missouri Botanical Garden info on Abies fraseri, Fraser Fir conservation grade plug transplants, Auger For Plug Transplants, 24″ Long by 2.75″ dia.

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