Air circulation must be maintained to avoid potential disease problems. Leylands thrive in direct sunlight, although they will tolerate partial shade as well. Carefully remove the plants from their original containers (usually small paper bags). If you want them to grow into mature trees of average height, then leave spaces of about 9 feet between each of them. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. The Leyland Cypress trees are the most popular privacy trees. Gently loosen the soil around the Leyland’s root system. The Leyland Cypress is commonly known as the leylandii. Plant them at least 25 feet apart (if you want them to become extremely tall and wide). In such areas, they are often affected by Seiridium Canker disease (caused by a fungus; Seiridium Cardinate). Leyland Cypress trees are fast-growing, natural hybrids that can thrive in different types of soil. Staking is not a requirement, but should be considered if problems occur during the few months of growth. Remember to adjust the lines or tubing every couple of months to prevent damage to the trunk. Choose an area that receives as much sunlight as possible. Fully grown Leyland Cypress trees can extend to heights of up to fifty feet while forming canopies that spread out to approximately twenty-five feet. You … The Leyland is also a good home for birds and small insects. They are capable of tolerating high levels of salt spray and pollution. By accessing any content on this site or its related media channels, you agree never to hold us liable for damages, harm, loss, or misinformation. Get a good quality tree from The Tree Center, ideally in mid-fall.

Regularly water your trees with sufficient water. When to Plant. Add fertilizer after the root system has established and water thoroughly for maximum growth rates. The tree is usually used for privacy purposes. Select an area that has as much sunlight as possible.

They are rapidly growing conifers that have ability to grow by up to three feet every 12 months. Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, North Carolina State University: Christmas Tree Notes-Leyland Cypress. Mulch them with about 3 inches of pulverized bark or compost.

The rapidly-growing Leyland cypress tree, or Cupressocyparis leylandii, quickly outgrows its space in a typical yard, unless properly and regularly trimmed. We strive for 100% accuracy, but nursing procedures and state laws are constantly changing. All Rights Reserved. Apart from applying fertilizer and regular watering, it’s equally important to control weeds.

When grown in regions that experience heavy snowing, snow often breaks their branches or even uproots whole trees. If you are planting a row of Leylands for a privacy screen or windbreak, plant them between 4-8 feet apart (depending on your preference). The Leyland  cypress Christmas tree is a common phenomenon for most people.

Make sure Leylands are suitable for your area. Use wooden or metal stakes and soft cotton string, small rubber landscape tubing, or metal twist ties to secure the trees in place. At this height trees become crowded and begin sending moisture and energy to the top of the tree to reach adequate sunlight, thus depriving lower limbs of needed nutrients. Space the Leyland at least 5 feet away from the nearest tree or shrub. When placing them into their respective holes, the top -of root bundles should be 0.24 inches below the ground-surface.

The trees require a lot of sunlight because of their fast growth. Leyland cypress is a common evergreen used for hedgerows and windbreaks. Use moist, well-drained soil for optimum growing conditions, although Leyland cypress can grow in a variety of soils. Copyright © 2020 It’s caused by poor drainage and results in death of plants’ roots. They are not a practical tree to plant as a small yard hedge on tight, six- to eight-foot centers. Plant Leyland cypress hedges in early spring.

Seiridium Canker is a dangerous disease that causes gradual death of branches or whole trees, while Cercospridium Blight often affects plants that have been exposed to over-shearing, excessive sunlight, drought and/or inadequate fertilizer. Pruning Leyland cypress hedges becomes necessary as the tree reaches 20 feet in height. It requires regular deep watering while young in order to support its fast growth. Birds build their nests on the Leyland’s thick foliage. Watch for canker in the upper branches during long dry periods. You do not have to keep on trimming the Leyland Cypress hedge since it grows uniformly and thickens to create a substantial barrier. Planting Leyland Cypress trees is simple, however, there are a few precautions you want to take.

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