The recipe for the Marx Brothers’ greatest comedy: Duck Soup. Feature, The Bohemian Girl - February 14, 1936 -

As Robert Youngson noted at the end of the 1966 compilation film The Crazy World of Laurel and Hardy, Stan and Ollie were “two funny gentlemen and two funny, gentle men”. Born: 18 January 1892, Harlem, GeorgiaDied: 7 August 1957, Hollywood, Calif. Born: 16 June 1890, Ulverston, Lancs.Died: 23 February 1965, Santa Monica, Calif. ©2020 British Film Institute. Short, Fra Diavolo - May 5, 1933 - Sound DOUBLE WHOOPEE: In 1969 this film received the 'Laurel and Hardy and Friends' compilation. Stan’s garbled attempt to explain why they should cut out the middleman by catching their own fish exemplifies Laurel’s later claim that The Boys were “two minds without a single thought”. Laurel and Hardy Filmography.

Sound Short, Double Whoopee - May 18, 1929 August 10, 1929 - Sound Silent, You're Darn Tootin' - April 21, 1928 - (1931), Laurel shifted the emphasis from slapstick to situation and character, as Ollie feigns illness so that he and Stan can attend the Chicago jamboree being held in their honour by their lodge.

Silent star Harry Langdon contributed gags, as Stan has problems with Ollie’s new car and some kitchen chaos is followed by the need to hide a big-game hunter’s half-dressed wife.

But they needed each other and we still need them in troubled times to remind us to see the funny side. - Silent, Love 'Em and Weep - June 12, 1927 -

BRITISH The winner of the inaugural Academy Award for best short (comedy) took Oliver Hardy back to the 131 steps at Vendome Street in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles that he had previously visited with Charley Chase in Isn’t Life Terrible? All rights reserved. - Sound Feature, Swiss Miss - May 20, 1938 - Sound They’re on peak verbal and visual form during the repartee over the snapshot of an uncredited Jean Harlow and the exquisite post-march foot massage. It is out on the new Hal Roach DVD News, features and opinion on the world of film. - Silent, The Battle of the Century - December 31, 1927 - Sound Feature, Oliver the Eighth - February 1934 - Sound Only Stan could cause so much mayhem with some hard-boiled eggs and nuts. I personally find them fascinating. Sound Feature, On the Wrong Trek - April 18, 1936 - Short, Wild Poses - October 28, 1933 -  OUR Short, One Good Turn - October 31, 1931 - Sound

to feature pages on the actual film, 45 Minutes From Hollywood - December 26, 1926 Following Fra Diavolo (1933), Babes in Toyland (1934) and The Bohemian Girl (1936) in blending operetta and shtick, this puzzlingly maligned saga follows Stan and Ollie to Switzerland to sell mousetraps, because there’s so much cheese. Short, Any Old Port - Silent, With Love and Hisses - August 28, 1927 -

Sound Feature, Air Raid Wardens - April 1943 - Sound While we do our best to ensure that all the links to The Boys’ movies on You Tube are current, we would be grateful if members or visitors would report any broken links that they might find so we can become fixer uppers! CAMEO, Our Relations - October 30, 1936 - Sound - Silent, Putting Pants on Phillip - December 3, 1927 Short.

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February 23, 1929 - Silent, That's My Wife - March 23, 1929 - The General: the greatest comedy of all time? - Silent It sees Ollie offer Stan a temporary billet after he is discovered guarding his Great War trench two decades after the Armistice.

Silent, The Finishing Touch - February 25, 1928

Laurel and Hardy’s heyday coincided with the Great Depression and they were frequently depicted on their uppers in the likes of Below Zero (1930) and Laughing Gravy (1931).

Short, Pardon Us - August 15, 1931- Sound or ROBINSON IN CRUSOELAND.

- Sound Feature, Their First Mistake - November 5, 1932 Revisiting the shorts We Faw Down (1928) and Be Big!

Directors George Marshall, Ray McCarey, Harry Black and Lloyd French.

Their sole sequel reunites them with Mae Busch and Charlie Hall, who had been outraged when the duo had accidentally inebriated his wife with spiked spring water in Them Thar Hills (1934). Witness Stan creating a blizzard of goose feathers to get at a St Bernard’s brandy keg, a gorilla blocking a piano’s transit over a rope bridge and Stan accompanying Ollie’s lovesick serenade on a tuba.

But his antics after Ollie confines him below deck while renovating a sailing boat in a junkyard confirms Hal Roach’s contention that “each was a perfect straight man for the other”. You can use this as a guide to building up your collection. Feature, Nothing But Trouble - March 1945 - Sound Sound Short, Bonnie Scotland - August 23, 1935 - Sound Chaplin’s first masterpiece: The Vagabond, 10 great comedy films of the 21st century. Short, Hollywood Review of 1929 - November 23, 1929 - November 20, 1927 Ever since starting the epic pie fight in The Battle of the Century (1927), Laurel and Hardy had managed to find ways of causing comic carnage. Also, some adverts may appear but these can be closed by clicking the ‘X’ in the top right corner — apologies! Feature, The Midnight Patrol - August 3, 1933 - (1925) and with Stan Laurel in the lost silent, Hats Off (1927). But the running razzberry gag and the exchanges with old lag Walter Long and teacher James Finlayson still amuse. Laurel & Hardy Murder Case - September 6, 1930 The acts of reciprocal vandalism exceed those in Big Business (1929), in which James Finlayson had taken exception to their Christmas tree-selling techniques. - Silent, Leave 'Em Laughing - January 28, 1928 Silent, Should Married Men Go Home? 16, 1937 - Sound Feature, Pick a Star - May 21, 1937 The quality of the movies on You Tube is variable but we have endeavoured to link to the best black and white version we could find. - November 30, 1934 - Sound Silent (only half exists), Call of the Cuckoo - October 15, 1927 -

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Where we link to a colourised version it is because no black & white version was available. Sound Short, Thicker Than Water - March 16, 1935 - Laurel and Hardy found matrimony a struggle on and off screen and they pay the price for deceiving wives Dorothy Christy and Mae Busch in this gleeful caper, which proved so popular that it inspired the name of the twosome’s fan club.

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