And let's not be too sanctimonious about it: it's part of the show's playful subversiveness to do so, just as The Book of Mormon did, too. In a spoof of "Brigadoon", Beetlejuice, Lydia and a damaged Doomie crash-land in a mysterious village that only appears once an eternity, and if they don't escape before all of the (Scottish-accented) village inhabitants fall asleep, they'll be trapped there forever! When Lydia joins the Happy Faced Girls, Beetlejuice laughs until he finds out how much money a cookie drive can pull in. Even more boring than Brigadoon. Lydia finds out what has happened, but when she and "Snugglejuice" are brought back to Never-Never-Land, the beings in charge subject her to the same fiendish brainwashing treatment! Add the first question. In a spoof of "Brigadoon", Beetlejuice, Lydia and a damaged Doomie crash-land in a mysterious village that only appears once an eternity, and if they don't escape before all of the (Scottish-accented) village inhabitants fall asleep, they'll be trapped there forever! A female character in a Neitherworld B/W SF series has rebelled and taken over, and the show's Rod Serling-like writer/host turns to Beetlejuice for help. Once there, Beetlejuice must contend with a Big Enchillada (literally!) Beetlejuice illegally wins two tickets for an ocean cruise and takes Lydia on a very odd vacation on the high seas. To get even, Beetlejuice gets a Monster Credit Card and a buying war ensues. The best creative work in this musical adaptation of Tim Burton’s 1988 film—about a pair of sweet ghosts trying to rid their house of its distasteful new inhabitants—has gone into its physical form: The designers come at it from all kinds of crazy angles. With Stephen Ouimette, Alyson Court. Can Lydia motivate her friends enough to even dream of winning, especially Beetlejuice, who's devoted all his time to product endorsements? Now The Monster is miserable, and he's making his neighbors miserable as well! Looking for some great streaming picks? When a Neitherworld forest containing the most delicious beetles is threatened by Prince Don John and the Sheriff of Rotting-Ham, Lydia convinces Beetlejuice to become "Robbin'" Hood - but "outlaw" isn't so selfless. But after a few setbacks, that becomes Beetlejuice and Lydia, all alone, against Scuzzo's entire team. But will Beetlejuice be able to eventually pay for all the things he's bought? Beetlejuice makes fun of Catmandu who then takes his tongue so he can't talk. Wolf to wipe him out. Four of Beetlejuice's worst enemies and the annoying Lipscum are organized together by a mysterious gangster named Mr. Big who's got BJ's number. Beetlejuice Full Animatic Musical Soundtrack Compilation - Duration: 56:38. Tony Scheinman. Beetlejuice does the Mayor of Peaceful Pines a favour, but the Mayor reneges on his promise of a cash reward. The Aunts promptly begin getting Beetlejuice and Lydia into trouble. Journey to the Centre of the Neitherworld, Watched movies: supernatural/terror/horror. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. A video game called "Scourge" sucks Lydia and Beetlejuice into cyberspace, and they must outsmart the computer if they ever hope to escape. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. Beetlejuice has actually been bitten by the Gold Bug and caught Gold Fever, so Lydia, Jacques and Doomie have to help him find gold in order to be cured. Il misterioso villaggio scozzese Brigadoon compare per un solo giorno ogni cento anni. In a spoof of both "The Wizard of Oz" and "Shane", Beetlejuice, Lydia and Doomie travel to the Neitherworld's Mid-West to take over a dairy farm owned by Beetlejuice's Aunt Emma. A "dying" Cap'n Kidder's words send Beetlejuice, Lydia, Mayor Maynot and everyone else on a wild race to an island to get their hands on a giant dancing ape. When a jealous Claire deliberately humiliates a female foreign exchange student, Lydia, Beetlejuice and the rest of the Neitherworld gang decide to teach Claire a lesson by making her a foreign exchange student to "Scrungylvania". Beetlejuice and Lydia go to visit Merlin and discover that the great magician is plotting to overthrow the King. With the help of Beetlejuice (disguised as Mr. Beetleman's father Grandpa Beetleman), Grandma Deetz takes all the other disgruntled inhabitants of the old folk's home on a wild tour of the Neitherworld. However, it turns out that she is determined to make everybody toe HER line, and Beetlejuice must organize the neighborhood to stop her before her "goody two-shoes-ness" destroys them all. Use the HTML below. However, while she is actually cured, Beetlejuice contracts Cabin Fever and both he and Lydia are quarantined! Because as directed by a feverishly inventive Alex Timbers, and starring Alex Brightman as the manic ghoul of the title, this production proposes that not being alive just means that you have to try harder — a whole lot harder — than you ever did before. Title: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Beetlejuice goes film noir (but in color) as private detective "Sham Spade" and Lydia as his "Ghoul Friday" in a mystery involving a disembodied ear. But secretly, I laughed; this is a new generation of theatre makers blowing raspberries at the past. Coat of Arms, which is somewhere in Beetlejuice's possession. But the antic, anarchic figure of Beetlejuice is on hand to guide them into the next world -- or at least help them to reclaim their current existence when new owners buy their house, with extensive plans to remodel it as an investment opportunity. Gushmore, Scumdon Bridge, the Fallen Arches of Triumph, the Awful Tower, and Lydia are shrunk by four menacing business tycoons. Nothing he can do will drive or keep the "fowl" pest away, so finally in desperation he turns to Lydia for help, but can even she do anything? Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Now Lydia must find a way to cure Beetlejuice before the Cabin Fever drives him totally bonkers. While being held hostage, Lydia decides to help give him self-confidence, while Beetlejuice tries to track Lydia down by disguising himself as famed explorer Grimdiana Bones. Beetlejuice's dragster Doomie is too nice for his liking, so "Bee-gor" returns to the Deserted Neitherworld Auto Factory to create a newer, meaner, nastier ride. It's Sudden Death for the losers and who will those losers be? If BJ can't get rid of them pronto, his landlord will throw him out. "The dead lead lives of noisy desperation in Beetlejuice, the absolutely exhausting new musical that opened on Thursday at the Winter Garden Theater. Brigadoon - NYC ECC / Male Dancers. Friendly Neighbor Day in the Neitherworld is not going too well in Beetlejuice's neighborhood (thanks naturally to Beetlejuice), so good fairy Goody Two-Shoes is sent to make sure that everybody is nice to each other. BJ's negotiation attempt backfires and he gets fires, leaving Lydia to do a watered down version of their on her own. Beetlejuice's head gets stuck to the Monster Across the Street's body. Beetlejuice tries to cash in on the superhero trend sweeping the Neitherworld by becoming UltraBeetleMan. "Adam Feldman for Time Out New York, "If you're a fan of the film, take note - they messed with the plot. "Roma Torre for NY1, "Writers Scott Brown and Anthony King, along with composer Eddie Perfect and director Alex Timbers, approach the 1988 Tim Burton cult comedy with the giddy excitement of rabid fanboys in their imaginative musical adaptation of Beetlejuice. "The Ghost with the Most", while trying to get some sleep, finds himself haunted by the most persistent, obnoxious and dangerous of all spirits...a poultrygeist! With Lydia as his cub reporter sidekick, UBM sets out to thwart crime. By the way, at the end of a scene wherein the manipulative Beetlejuice hasn’t successfully wheedled what he was after, he goes to exit through a door but before he completes the departure, he swivels to the audience and says, “Fuck Brigadoon.” Early on in the proceedings, he warns the audience: "If you die during the performance, it will not stop." However, once in office he falls victim to the same corruption and begins taking huge bribes. Beetlejuice inadvertently turns some ants into his aunts: Auntie Pasto, Auntie Social, Auntie Septic, and Honey Aunt. somehow lost his memory, so he, Lydia and a Neitherworld psychiatrist must travel into Beetlejuice's body to his brain to try and unlock his memories. The score by Eddie Perfect -- who also provided songs for this season's King Kong -- is full of wit and grit, and Scott Brown and Anthony King's book propels it forward smartly. After a strange man grants his wish and Beetlejuice sees how different things are without him, will he realize what an important role he plays in the lives of his friends? Can they survive the awful jokes that abound everywhere on the River Schticks? Brigadoon - NYC ECC / Female Dancers. Beetlejuice is the last new show to open this season -- but could be haunting Broadway for a long while. Edgar Allen Poe stays at B.J. So Beetlejuice, in a fit of anger, splits his personality into his good and his bad sides. by his opponent and sentenced to rehabilitation in Never-Never-Land, a place of saccharine sweetness where they are determined to break Beetlejuice's spirit...and actually succeed! The show is a loving homage to a wonderfully weird original, reconceived for the stage with eye-popping design, full-throttle performances and a mischievous sense of fun that literally seems to drip from the Winter Garden Theatre's chandeliers, tinged a ghoulish green for the occasion. However, when the hospital's planned Pay-per-View gets into trouble, the administrator plans to broadcast a substitute Main Event: A Total Body Transplant...with Lydia as the patient and Beetlejuice as the operating doctor! Now Beetlejuice and Lydia must travel to A-Roma, a land of living vegetables, to stop veggie dictator Caesar Salad's evil plans. Of course Beetlejuice doesn't detain itself with anything quite so serious or searching. Can UBM save the day? In fact Beetlejuice is part of that meta-tradition of shows from The Producers to this season's The Prom that comment on themselves even as they simultaneously send up and celebrate the traditions they've sprung from. "The dead lead lives of noisy desperation in Beetlejuice, the absolutely exhausting new musical that opened on Thursday at the Winter Garden Theater. Delia is crushed when everyone laughs at her latest artwork, so Beetlejuice and Lydia take her to the Neitherworld to exhibit her work there. When cleaning Beetlejuice's room to find the Coat of Arms proves unsuccessful, Beetlejuice and Lydia must travel to the World of Lost Items and find it. Beetlejuice (who can't stand healthy food) adds some Gore-egano to Lydia's Caesar salad, bringing it to life and determined to conquer the Neitherworld! Lydia can't seem to understand Shakespeare's work, so Beetlejuice takes her to the Neitherworld to meet Shakespeare's characters, who capture Lydia and demand that she write new plays for them to act in. 's Road House, and agonizes over his lost Lenore so much that it irritates him, but since he keeps throwing money around in his direction, he tries to tolerate Poe's depression as best as he can. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Beetlejuice on Broadway bombards you with manic energy and Alex Brightman, leading a boffo cast certainly fills the bill. After a slight dip in the ratings, Mr. Monitor threatens to cancel Beetlejuice' show. But they know them all. Saturday, July 15, 2017 Jimmy and Carolyn - NYC EPA. Beetlejuice, haunted by memories of his Uncle Sid and Aunt Irma, who used to take him to the Last Resort Resort when he was a baby, rushes to Lydia's rescue. I’ll say it: Fuck Brigadoon.". But if it seems like the show goes overboard, beating us to death with antic irreverence, well, that just may be the plan. Despite feeling extraordinarily self-conscious about her appearance, Lydia is kidnapped by a beast from the Neitherworld named "Thing Thong" who collects beautiful things because he thinks he's ugly. Beetlejuice is chosen to replace a film star in a major Neitherworld horror film, but the ensuing fame turns him into a total jerk.

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