If player 1 has been pretending to eat lunch, he or she might say, “I’m walking my dinosaur.” Player 2 must then begin to mime the activity named by player 1. The partners are to tell them they must complete the task on the paper before they take another breath (the difference or the original record minus 15). Rules: The bottle must remain off the floor, desk, etc, for five seconds. glass bottle with a plastic straw. STRAW THAT BROKE THE BOTTLE'S BACK. An elevated platform (step ladder, table, etc. ( Answers: The letter E. is not used anywhere in the paragraph. Who is Suzy, and what does player 2 have against her? presenter may use only gestures no talking or sounds allowed. Stick the bent straw into the bottle opening until the straw flips partially open and seats itself around the interior shoulder of the bottle. Were they helpful or a hindrance? This is a good warm-up activity for skit practice. This can also be done with 4 on each side. Straws are long and stiff, so their use as an extender is obvious. "Isotope" must make contact with the interior of each transporter; i.e., the ball must be transported from jug to jug. Use their answers to discuss how people see solutions. This activity helps team members learn how to communicate an idea and the difficulties one encounters in giving directions. "Student: "No, What happened? These often fall into the following categories: Many materials can fall into multiple categories. The task is to have the team and the markers assume positions on the layout on the floor. How did it feel to be muted/ blind? Now ask the team how much time they feel should have spent on each step. After the boats pass the float and tip tests on the water, start adding pennies (you can use marbles, too). If this happens, take away that carpet, a square by everyone or one person doing something ridiculous. One person's nose must be touching the can. A pan of finger jello (any flavor) cut into 1" cubes. Team Managers often ask us where they can find good Instant Challenges: When you select Instant Challenges, try to think about what you’d like your team to learn. The results are likely to be very different! Then they are to begin jumping pins (teammates or markers) (any pin with any adjacent pin to an empty apace) until any further jumping is impossible, If only one pin is left this is the best. Because it is primarily a mental challenge rather then a physical one, it is better suited to older students — younger students may become frustrated while trying to solve it.

Givethe team enough markers so that team member and markers total 9. There won’t be enough time available to develop a polished script during a performance-based IC. Have the group try to spell out words or sayings using their bodies as letters. The student who is answering the questions then asks the identical series of questions of the one next to him/her. Procedure: The area should be free of arty obstacles. It would be very easy to write an entire book on improv, and many authors have done exactly that. For example, let’s suppose that player 1 asks player 2, “Want to go out for ice cream?” If player 2 were to answer, “I hate ice cream,” that would be blocking. A similar activity to this is to try to have all the students stand on & platform 2 feet square and 4 inches off the floor. Their challenge is to create a foil boat that is no larger than 6 X 6 X 6. These are short exercises that the actors typically perform while standing in a circle facing one another. No other props are allowed: one bottle per straw. The Objective: See if each group member can communicate to the remainder of the group (pencil and paper in hand) the geometrical abstraction (see below or make up you own) that has been given him/her.

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