She helps beautify all aspects of your life. All rights reserved. Smokey Quartz is a translucent, smoky brown variety of quartz crystal. a Message, See He is the archangel of artists, craftspeople, researchers, inventors, builders, film-makers, bakers and photographers. She will help to keep your mind full of creative ideas and bring in more and more innovative ideas as well. Previous post: Energy Conservation Using Reiki. is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. Archangel Jophiel means ‘Beauty of God’. our best articles on this topic, and offer it for free to all our newsletter subscribers. It is said to relieve both physical and mental blocks. To connect with Archangel Jeremiel all you have to do is use a brief invocation. Put your hand in any of the Reiki position you are comfortable with and let the energy flow while saying any of the prayers or stating intentions. Copyright 2020.

Give me the understanding that can help me to resolve any … Say thrice, Connect to Archangel Jophiel. GRIEF COPING ALTERNATIVES FOR WHEN YOU’RE STUCK AT HOME, Helpful tips to get you through the holidays during a pandemic, CALM YOUR BODY, HEAL YOUR MIND - Judy McKillop, Angel Month: Crystals for connecting with Archangel Zadkiel. Pamela Dussault Runtagh is a spiritual leader and author of Understanding Soul Mate Relationships & How To Be With Your Divine Partner and is also a relationship and healthy living contributor for the Huffington Post. You can connect to Archangel Jophiel through Reiki. Candle – Pink, Yellow All, Spirituality 101 - Introduction to Spiritual Development and Practice, Connecting and Working with Archangel Raziel for Healing, The Path Of The Healer - Aligning With Sacred Service and Divine Abundance, Connecting and Working with Archangel Haniel for Healing, Connecting and Working with Archangel Jeremiel for Healing. I am going to social gatherings, so that I can look pretty. She helps to beautify our thoughts when situations, people and life appears bleak or dark - something that we can all use during this stressful holiday period! Archangel Jophiel helps beautify your heart and mind whenever you are feeling low. Great for workaholics, Ametrine helps re balance your life between home, work and spirit.

Say, “Divine Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty, please help me de-clutter my thoughts, my home, my work place mess, my friend list, and my life and beautify all aspects of my life; this or better, Thank You.”, Archangel Jophiel supports arts and artists to create beautiful art. Say thrice, Connect to Archangel Jophiel. His day is Wednesday and his color is deep yellow.

legal, or other professional advice. When you need inspiration, Jophiel is the one to ask. Mam, is there angel attunement necessary to invoke them….or anyone can call angels/archangels…. Up for Free, Forgot “In the name of God, I AM THAT I AM and in the name of Christ within me, I call on Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine ... Show me how to bring forth my Christ Consciousness and to connect to my Higher self, my Christ self. Some refer to Archangel Jophiel as ‘She’ whereas some refer as ‘HE’. It is an excellent crystal to use when calling angels and spirit guides. Pamela trained for over 12 years in the fields of spirituality and alternative medicine and draws from this extensive learning to develop and teach in these areas.

She is also called the ‘Fengshui Angel’ as she helps beautify the surrounding and de-cluttering. Also, I ask her to keep my skin and hair beautiful and healthy and keep me fit and healthy. Archangel Jophiel helps us to look at life from a deeper level and assists to awaken our soul and bring a deeper understanding of we truly are and our spiritual life purpose in this lifetime. Bless me to have creative thoughts that brings out the best through my ____ (drawings, arts, photos, interior design, make-up/beauty); this or better, Thank You.”. Rutilated Quartz (see also Archangel Uriel) is clear quartz with yellow bands, or rutiles on the inside of the crystal. Call upon Archangel Jophiel if your mind is filled with negative thoughts. Draw HSZSN and intone its name thrice. If you feel hatred towards someone, call upon Archangel Jophiel to beautify your thoughts about them which can help you eventually forgive them. Please help me to absorb information when needed and give me instant recall when taking exams. You definitely have a strong connection if you get wowed by the beauty around you, if you get mesmerised by the beauty of nature, flower or any small things around you.

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