One person’s culture shock is another’s adventure. Culture Shock! Other than the initial shock of the crowds and surrounding skyscrapers, there are certain characteristics that you’ll witness in local people.

Price New from Used from Paperback "Please retry" $3.73 — $3.00: Paperback, July 1, 2008: $5.22 . What salary can a registered nurse expect in HK? Required fields are marked *, Created by Heather Diamond, Hong Kongers are usually Cantonese- and English-speaking, with some degree of fluency in Mandarin. Get in touch if you can provide useful info on your city or answer forum questions from new expats. Even if you’re eating at an extravagant Michelin-starred restaurant or a local cha chaan teng, you’re bound to see locals snapping pictures of food and uploading them onto Instagram. House parties may have been a common phenomenon in your native country, but with the exorbitant amount of rent tenants are required to pay for their shoebox apartments, you’d need to be a millionaire to throw a proper house party here. Other than the initial shock of the crowds and surrounding skyscrapers, there … Food in Hong Kong is often served in a communal style, with several different dishes placed in the middle of the table. The cars were being driven by people who were adept at close encounters. What accommodation would you suggest for singles working in Kwan Tong in Hong Kong? The city’s “wet blanket” is most prominent in springtime, and is followed by the extreme heat of summer. There are many unspoken rules in Hong Kong, and it helps to recognise that new arrivals need to give themselves time to learn these things as they go. The population is very transient, so it is second nature to welcome newcomers in Hong Kong. If you are a transplant, on the other hand, you get dropped in headfirst and need to come up swimming.

What is the cost of living in Hong Kong and which areas would you recommend to stay in? /*-->

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Tell Me When it’s Over. Hong Kong: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette Paperback – July 1, 2008 by Betty Wei (Author), Elizabeth Li (Author) 4.2 out of 5 stars 7 ratings. When interacting with locals, expats in Hong Kong should be aware of the concept of "face". Students are pushed through school and then take any menial job to support their family because housing is so ridiculously expensive.

[CDATA[>*/ An empty or partially empty teacup is sure to be refilled almost immediately, and when pouring their own tea, expats should fill up the cups of their fellow tea drinkers, too. There is no personal space on public transport. Your email address will not be published. Globe Media cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or inconvenience to any person as a result of information contained above. For me, an introvert raised with trees and space and silence, the din and density of Hong Kong was a jolt and an extended series of challenges. You are brave and have acomplished so much. Copyright 2018. Copyright © 2016 Globe Media Ltd. All rights reserved. To me, that is well worth getting out of my comfort zone–although I might need an occasional reminder. I am proud, however, that I can now muster a strange inner calm as I weave through Shatin Mall on a weekend when it is packed with shoppers.

Expat managers should raise their levels of awareness about workplace assumptions and values to avoid sticky situations. My eventual meltdown won’t be pretty, and I won’t be proud. If not, I am consciously tamping my claustrophobia. Surviving Culture Shock in Asia. As I read your blog I could feel myself tighten up inside.

In effect, the “culture shock” I received today didn’t come from a miscommunication with a local Hong-Konger, or an awkward moment with a mainlander, or even a mistaken assumption of another international student. All the malls and office buildings blast cool air, so it’s necessary to carry a cardigan everywhere, and those that wear glasses can be sure they will be wiping the fog off their lenses several times a day. This service is free of charge and will help you select an international moving company that suits your needs and budget.

These vagabonds and travelers seem to either be immune to culture shock or to experience it like a hearty case of the flu—quick and dirty and soon over. Inconsistencies include an advice wearing black clothing to funerals, then say a contradictory one saying don't do it in the "do's and dont's" list. Expats' experiences of culture shock in Hong Kong may not be as dramatic as they would expect, especially if they’re from an English-speaking country. Well done!

One more thing we have to measure on our own internal scale! Many people find Hong Kong’s humidity unbearable. With 86 million customer relationships in over 200 countries, Cigna Global has unrivalled experience in dealing with varied and unique medical situations and delivering high standards of service wherever you live in the world. Other than the luxury of privacy at home, the top floors of high-rise buildings also provide sanctuary from air pollution in your apartment. Readers beware: some of the Chinese language used in the book is Putongua, not Cantonese. This may be considered rude in other countries, but due to the cramped living conditions in Hong Kong, people always try to keep a distance from people and maintain their personal space.

Usually residential buildings are at such a close proximity that you can clearly see into your neighbour’s apartment. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. /*-->

I know they have a sense of adventure that will take them places I might never work up the nerve to go. And yet I also know that for those of us who weather culture shock slowly, one discomfort at a time, there are the inner rewards of mastering our fears and transcending our limitations.

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