she going to put more money in parents pockets now that they are going to be forced to technically homeschool (play teacher to) their child(ren) ON TOP OF working full time?!

Ha! Otherwise stick to comedy and leave practical planning to people with basic understanding about current events. First off where I live many teachers are helping with the very intensive food delivery and prep.   |  Nonsense, think how sad it was for kids during the Great Depression and WW2. I can't even think about the hundreds, if not thousands, of anti-public education laws that have been written over the past thirty years to disenfranchise our students in favor of the for-profits (charters) which have grown exponentially. Violating these standards could result in a ban.

17th Annual Photo Contest Finalists Announced. If you learned something from the story you're reading please consider supporting our work. Classroom cuts have not surprisingly resulted in a decline in test scores.

We teachers in my district were told that no work could be mandatory, or come with a grade that counts. Do some of you truly believe that three weeks from now, everything will be hunky-dory and we will all be returning to life as we knew it before the pandemic? I do know that I will not be able to do more than meeting basic needs at this time.

2 quarters if they close school for the rest of the year. This is insane!

I think that's unlikely. As she said numerous times, nothing like this has ever happened before, so they are scrambling to make this whole thing work. Nor are lagging education outcomes confined to poor families. Every Wednesday from 2020-10-28 - 2020-12-23, Every Sunday, Friday, Saturday from 2020-03-20 - 2020-12-20, Virtual Youth Program from the White Lake Township Library, Every Sunday from 2020-09-13 - 2020-12-20, Hurst Planetarium at Ella Sharp Museum (Online VIA ZOOM). I'm sorry that some feel this article is ill timed or premature but I for one need to know what is under consideration before the decision is made.

On July 15, 1961, a postal substation was established at Hell, operating from May 1 through September 30.

As community members rushed to help after the explosion, getting rope to lift up the collapsed roof and pull the students and teachers from the rubble, a member of the school board named Andrew Kehoe drove up to the site.

The whole state is paying for the virus in two county’s. I love the way people automatically blame the Governor for this mess! She said it was unlikely a few days ago.No students should not have to repeat the entire school year. Not getting my vote. In 1927, Bath was a rural village of 300 people despite its location ten miles from Lansing, the state capital.

If there is a lack of cell coverage- then ask the local ISP to allow some poles in the area to be outfitted with point to point access points (some have a 20 mile range).

I applaud Governor Whitmer for doing the right thing. It's easy to stand for the national anthem or wave a flag, but what are you personally doing to help your fellow Americans during this pandemic war? Nothing you read is the straight truth. Making them work summer school or freezes raises is a good idea. The children need closer for this school year. Totally agree with you that this is unethical reporting!

Trust matters. But,you aren't telling the whole story. Any parent can teach 2 months of 3rd grade in a matter of days, especially because of one on one teaching as opposed to teaching a packed class of 32. © Online work is okay, but the teachers seem to be AWOL trying to home-school their own kids. There are many options,. On a national basis the US spends at the top of all developed OECD nations while getting mid and lower mid results. Give the unique gift of Hell to surprise that hard-to-shop-for person on your list! [4] Hell has been noted on a list of unusual place names. Good students with a desire to learn will do so no matter what the circumstances. The reality is there’s no why.”. The Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force defines Human Trafficking as a form of modern-day slavery. Someone else said that teachers can’t get unemployment but I’ve known teachers who get unemployment and if the schools close then all school employees should have to file for unemployment just like everyone else in the state. The climate for education needs to change.

People reported the news, the news was correct, and you went on here trying to call it 'fake news'- and revealed that the real phonies were you. We need more local control and freedom. David,Yes there is something unique about our students, they are all individuals not numbers, they are the ones that learn not the schools. It wasn't until actions were taken like social distancing that things started to improve. If the choice is between advancing kids who are not prepared or graduating a year older, you might choose the former if we really value education. They can count these last few weeks as part of their "summer" break. And I just bet that Governor Gretchen Whitmer will make the residents of Detroit wait. Yup you r absolute right. Nationally and in the state enrollment is down 40%. That costs a lot of money. Gabriel Bell August 31, 2017 4:44PM (UTC) Hell, Michigan is without a mayor today as the small, unincorporated town's former chief official, Elijah … I refuse to put my kids in a position to get this crap. She has to act alone because they won’t meet. It will all be ok. Just relax. The first is that a pair of German travelers stepped out of a stagecoach one sunny afternoon in the 1830s, and one said to the other, "So schön hell!" The Detroit City Schools will be last on the list. Hell High (1989) R | 84 min | Crime, Horror, Thriller. They are utilizing technology to reach out to their students via Zoom, the list goes on and on.

Online assignments can not just me made mandatory when there was no time to plan for this. What was the old yellow journalism saying, "you supply the pictures, I'll supply the war"? Visitors that enjoy fun excursions and unique destinations will find plenty to smile about when they arrive in Hell, Michigan. Why are we so far behind Florida on this issue who wiped the year off the books and is allowing kids in 11th grade and under to repeat their grade. My son and I are both high risk with are asthma!!

No where is there a question if the students are being taught about what it takes to take control of their lives after school, are they being taught how to learn, why to learn, when to learn, are they being taught what the basic skills are to compete in an ever changing world/economy/environment. Enough of my words were changed in my own articles, I couldn't take the bull s*** any more.

Remedial services have been cut and "extra support" (such as one-on-one reading help, extra para-pros in classrooms to assist struggling readers). If a child does not learn to read in 1st grade, that child is in deep trouble.

HA The governor does not have to act until she wants to do so.

Graduation??!! Everyone needs to stop being an armchair expert and keep an open mind to the complexities of the problem. While other states have ramped up funding of key programs, Michigan has chosen policies to deeply defund our classrooms. It's science, public health, not politics that must be comprehended here.

The online program that her school system (AAPS) has put in place is inadequate to her needs and the needs of students like her. Ending the school year now is what 2 months early... come on people ... I’d rather know my child who is senior , is safe at home for two months than to take the risk of sending the kids back , all.
Michigan’s highest point, Mount Avron, at 1,979 feet above sea level, is located in the Upper Peninsula. Notice how many comments are from "teachers and educators" and they all echo the same criticism about how this was published "before it was final"- that's because unions sent out emails to their members instructing them to do this. Do you really think witholding more resources from public schools will suddenly wake educators up and decide to do a better job. When you look at the data you fail to see the individual that must do the learning to change the data. ©

Calm down. When you look at the data, it compares our schools...and other schools...and students.

And therein lies the problem. Maybe YOU should be in school to learn how to use punctuation and the right form of “they’re”. Is Netflix going to do the job?

(Bridge file photo), March 30, 2020Ron FrenchTalent & Education, Michigan K-12 schools, Coronavirus Michigan, Gov. Thank.

But none had been so deadly as this, or affected so many children. Just because some people may not die from the virus, it does not mean that they may not need to go on a ventilator that is in short supply. How will they makeup essential grade level standards for an entire quarter? Read it again please. I'm glad that Bridge wrote this article because many concerned parents and probably teachers have probably been wondering for a while what is happening to the learning of our children. Fine, not "unethical" but completely irresponsible and a far cry from real journalism. Teachers are not sitting on their butts and collecting a paycheck. Do any of you see the news in other countries?

This isn’t just an inner-city problem. Its not about soap, its about nobody listening to simple instructions plain and simple.
Facts matter. It was unclear whether that learning would involve grades. Is she doing anything for Higher Education Students who were planing on taking the GRE or any college students who’s schools won’t refund them for things they are missing out on that they paid for? Children are resilient and this time off may be good for them.

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