Me:(via). I just asked him if he was still there, then when he said yes i told him i had found a pen but no paper, but that i’m still looking. You wouldn’t notice it on cobblestones, but horseshoes throw sparks on asphalt. Vote. dr-archeville: between-stars-and-waves: whoopsrobots: equilateralwaffle: You are his hero. bigwordsandsharpedges: itseasytoremember: There was an all-out battle of the sexes between Hot Girls and Hot Boys/City Boys on social media timelines in the summer of 2019. the-real-ted-cruz: Future: Future released his tracklist for his upcoming album “High Off Life” @1future So now I’ve resorted to making the phones calls as annoying as possible for them. Future Memes, World City HQ. Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy (review) it is complete, what happens now? I had forgotten to charge my phone one night, and this was back when cell phones used to beep loudly when they were low on battery.
After an hour and 35 minutes I told him that i had found paper, but my pen was dead. everything changed when the firepod attacked by spygear007 friendly reminder that steve bannon used to own a world of warcraft gold farming company and realized that a lot of gamers are disenfranchised young white men who are absurdly easy to take political advantage of, and brought milo yiannopoulos on board to do it. randomnightlord: Future: Question’s people will ask in the future. Future memes take over internet.

A few times between the ages of 4 and 18 I broke things. theroguefeminist: Honestly!!!

Destroyed your girlfriend’s AC island, which she put hundreds of hours into building? beyoncescock: MORE MEMES, Future: srsfunny: Love In the Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block (review) [Bisexual M/F] If everyone has to use that plate then it belongs to everyone and anyone can have a forgivable accident with it. Hell, I’m really bummed at the moment over not having access to some of my BL2 saves (I can’t travel to get my PS4 from uni), and I know I’d be upset if I lost them forever. Leçon: * Quand le mot 'même' est un adjectif, il est variable.Il a le sens de 'pareil', 'semblable'. MORE MEMES, Future: Some might say the comedian has an actual future, Future: Makes it easier to move and sell in the future. MORE MEMES. The drag queen from this photo has spoken up about... feniczoroark:
by persona5R_Joker

My friends’ parents still got mad. Future responded to the memes in an interview, stating that he wishes he was getting paid for them. whatjordylikes: The problem is that parents view all possessions as not really belonging to the child. This is the second time this week I’ve seen a story like this (the first being the boyfriend destroying his girlfriend’s AC island over an argument) and it makes me think – how is this ANY different to someone destroying a physical piece of art someone’s made: ripping up their sketchbook, breaking ceramics, cutting up cosplays? welcome to the future old man by HELiXDzn

This is a picture of two ordinary people going about their normal lives despite how haters want to politicize it lmao. bigancestorenergy:

Go follow me @prepare4_petty. danielle-mertina: There have been countless times the gif of the rapper saying the word has been used in memes over the years. if they keep this behavior up—let alone just not apologizing and finding the save file for his game—he’s gonna develop some dangerous coping skills like yknow.

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