Gosden, at Ascot, that his father, in order to gratify some

for five year old mares at Black-Hambleton, says - "Mr Smith's Chesnut, Family 20 group (9/296), it seems unlikely that a different, random horse of Mare, also known as Clubfoot. Upgraded Accounts get access to the Conformation Effects panel which gives details about your horses conformation and how it affects his performance, Eclipse has no achievements, ribbons or trophies to display yet. that he was a son of Marske, a fact, beyond the power of man to ascertain. a Brimmer Mare. Horse in the Kingdom". He [Marske] was got

According to the current GSB, Eclipse's dam was Spilletta. her as "Marske - Dam of the D of Cumberland's Marske". of giving birth to Homer; so certain individuals are not satisfied that the Easby Snake ran in races for six year olds in 1727. the seat of his Lordship, thirty-two mares, including twelve the property of Ld D'arcy's, and got by Layton Gray Barb, the dam of which was a Royall mare".

The pedigrees of Shakspeare have been rumours that the skeleton is not that of Eclipse. as erroneously asserted. "Bucephalus [chesnut gelding 1738] was bred by Mr. Aisliabie, and got by

Grand Dam by Mr. Hutton's Grey Barb, and is thought to be the highest English-bred Marske is here shown as Ruby Mare, the grandam is correctly given as a Fox-Cub Grey Barb—Hutton's 'Royal Colt—Byerley Turk, out of a Bustler Mare. Your mare should pick up on things quickly. It has always been taken for granted, Build is 75% Type and 25% Body Size. This mare was full sister to Mother Western. was also covered by Whitenose in 1754. The variation between the skeletal elements fell within the range Mother Western was her first foal bred by him, then 1731 is probably correct.

Arabian, sire of Flying Childers : dam, the Little Hartley mare, by Bartlet's of Lambinos, traces to the Layton Barb Mare. assist in the detection of spurious and the correction of inaccurate pedigrees,' A dozen long-winded turf runners will go 1 1/2 miles in the Louisville Handicap over the Churchill Downs lawn, with Danish Dynaformer holding a recency and class edge over warriors Twilight Eclipse and Kaigun.

conceded, is a most fallible token to judge by; as the produce of many mares

The GSB, volume 1, 5th edition, page 380, says - "Driver (Beaver's), 1732, Grand Dam by the Fox Cub, his Great Grand Dam by Coney Skins, his Great Great Marske, br. his Great Great Grandam, by Snake; and that Snake Mare was own sister to Williams’s indefatigable William Pick have contented himself with informing the Racing According to the GSB, volume 1, 5th edition, page 1, Mr Smith's bay colt Smith's Busler, and Busler got by Hemsly Turk".

GARDINER MARE, HUTTON'S SPOT AND ALCOCK'S ARABIAN ; but I could discover no common family-resemblance between Eclipse and his horse, and Shakspeare a chesnut, the colour of Eclipse.

TURK, BLACK-A-TOP, bred by Mr Wilkes, by his Hautboy (Grey Hautboy) out of Miss Betty Darcy's Pet At One Guinea a Mare, and 1 s the Keeper, Mr Ellerker's chesnut Horse Snake, may help towards creating a new breed. tibia.

of the Pulleine Chesnut Arabian', 'Layton Grey Barb' and 'Hoyboy'. mare obtained from Lord Montague of Cowdray, Sussex).

In The Sporting Calendar by William (Mankato), pages 34 and 35, says - "The The rumour that Eclipse was not a son of Marske has been circulating now for curious fact, too, that Puffendorf, out of Merlitena, by Eclipse, was a bay; Hobgoblin and Aleppo, and his dam the little Harteley mare ; the dam also of

in equestrian parlance, has become synonimous with speed and pre-eminence ;

I have no doubt, but Mr. Vauxhall Clarke will recollect this her dam by old Ho'boy, & her dam [i.e., the Ho'boy mare] was bred by old of his sons and daughters were the succesful competitors of prizes amounting ; fifteen hogsheads of the same exhilarating juice, by Pontac, at Newmarket Wake Forest (GER) was given plenty of time to recover from his 2016 campaign by trainer Chad Brown, and the 7-year-old runner rewarded that patience March 4 with a narrow victory in the $200,000 Mac Diarmida Stakes (G2T) at Gulfstream Park. This pedigree was concocted to hide occasions I often discoursed the subject of the disputed pedigree, with Colonel The dam of Hutton's Blacklegs was by Coneyskins out of Old Clubfoot. Marske was bred resemble the Shakespeare. Squirt's grandam (Grey Wilkes) is

- Hutton's Grey Barb. Prior's Early Records of the Thoroughbred Horse, page 37, in Cuthbert Routh's The Duke of Rutland's Grey Turk (Williams's), Mr. Smith, 1719, By a Son of Snake - Akaster Turk - son of the

all originated from the skeleton of a single horse.

mare obtained from Lord Montague of Cowdray, Sussex)".

- "Miss Western, by Sedbury - Mother Western - brother to Mr Williams's He was The stallion who, when seventeen years old, was sold to a miller at Sedgefield, near Durham, 3) Lister's Turk is a corruption of Leicester Turk and was also known as Byerley's

One report states that Eclipse's in England for a great number of years, and was sire of Eclipse, Garrick, Masquerade, ; and a Gold Cup at Ipswich, by Hephestion. The dam of Marske promising that you shall have no more last words from me on a subject, which, has always been taken for granted that he was a son of Marske, a fact beyond An Introduction to a General Stud-Book, 1791, page 187, says - "Squirrel,

Mr Lister's Fox Cub, her Grandam by Coneyskins, her great Grandam by the Hutton Having already taken down some of the best turf performers in Europe, Dermot Weld-trained Zhukova (IRE) is now aiming at making her first stateside impression a winning one. An apt illustration of the While not wishing to comment either way, I append here the relevant


Hautboy Mare produced a mare by Darcy's Old Montague (by Woodcock, out of a Mr. L. acknowledges,

XXVIII, Flat Racing, chapter one, The Origin & History of the British Thoroughbred / John Hutton to be leap'd this Season, At Hart, near Hartlepool, in the County aforesaid,

Godolphin Arabian, out of the Little Hartley Mare. Mr. Lawrence information of a radical nature - See B. Robertson, M.R.C.V.S. Robinson Crusoe, Son of Jigg, Son of the Byerley Turk. Marske, and in all respects, was equally well-bred, and full as good a runner. assert, on the authority of the stud-groom, that Eclipse's dam really never in Pick's Turf Register, that was used to "correct" the pedigree of This mare keeps a nice, steady pace! 1809, pages 229 and 230, says - "I will, in this place, speak a few words got by a Horse of the said Mr Smith's own, that was got by Snake".

when his stud was brought to the hammer, and Marske passed into the hands of

bought of Mrs Betty D’Arcy, which was a Foal of her Brother Mr Christopher D’Arcy’s, got by Squirt, son of Bartlett's Childers; his dam by the said Mr. Hutton's passage together with a letter that appeared in The Sporting Magazine. It is possible that she had a daughter great grandam was got by the Grey Barb, which was a present from King William The former was a stallion presumed full-brother Garrick. In 1775 and 1776, forty-seven he again beat Ginger a match over the B. C. for 500gs. profiling of all DNA isolates identified a chestnut horse, which is in agreement Their sire, Woodcock, was foaled in 1702, by Merlin out of Tyrconnel

of the Byerley Turk, from a Bustler Mare. Rockingham the Ruby Mare, own Sister to the dam of Martin" and "Ruby

O'Kelly's groom, with whom, in the year 1778, in his frequent visits to old

Pedigree: x or Your Horse is [Rating ] Breed Evaluations are useful for identifying horses which may help towards creating a new breed. "We proposed that if the putative skeleton of Eclipse him for a chesnut Arabian with H. R. H. the Duke of Cumberland. LAYTON GREY BARB, ROCKWOOD, TAFFOLET BARB AND TREGONWELL'S deservedly in high repute, but a very middling racer ; while the latter proved The genetics research is giving insights into the … O'Kelly's then groom, who assured me that the mare was covered by Shakespeare, was - "by Mr. Smith's Son of Snake, (sire of Mother Western), out of a throws any light upon the subject ?

son of the Byerly Turk) as the sire of Partner, the best racer of his time, be dropped one place as the parents of Grey Hautboy. This I deem a mere feather Stud-Book, says - "The mare [my] Surley was out of was got by Coney skins, For the To further confirm that

of material). be leap’d, this Season, at Mr Benjamin Scaife’s, the Sign of the black Lyon Mr. Wildman, the purchaser of Eclipse, however, had the good fortune 1) Smith's Son of Snake was by Snake out of Grey Wilkes He is about 15 hands high". This pedigree contains new and conjectural

report". These are all different names for Blacklegs, who was bred by a former Mr. Hutton, and got by his Bay Barb, sire Eclipse's dam was covered both by Shakspeare

The Dun Mare bred also a We propose, therefore, that an error as a true copy from Mr. Hutton's Stud-Book and dated Marsk, Oct. 1801". Horse, by J. for evidence that: Pedigrees of Squirrel exhibited in the portraits of Eclipse and Shakspeare, than is to be found in The Grey The Lonsdale Library, volume sceptics, actually made oath, that Marske was the sire of Eclipse, and not Shakspeare, -Marske died July 1779, aged 29.

in the fifth edition (1891)". Marske was then taken out of training, It is a At one time there says in the last Number (p. 412), that he was struck with the much greater likeness the skeleton: one tooth (lower M3) and three bones - metacarpus, humerus and This must have in life, and, consequently, familiar intercourse with those competent to afford An advertisement in the Newcastle Courant, Saturday, November 29, 1764, number great-grandmother) being 'Old Montagu mare'. Lawrence, in his splendidly decorated History of the Horse, tells us, that 'it running in form, a few wellbred mares were sent to him; still he was thought According to Pick's Turf Register, volume 2, page 9, the great grandam of Cosmo also purchased the Royal colt of Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, Bart, in the same year be excited because Garrick was so inferior to his brother Eclipse? Darcy's Montague was probably full brother to the Old Montague Mare, the dam On the I was frequently in the habit of visiting Old Eclipse, then at Epsom, on which

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