Even though they weren’t a disco band—they didn’t go to clubs, they didn’t even dance!—Stigwood felt they had “the beat of the dance floor in their blood,” Oakes says. As for Nik Cohn, he admits that “in America I have always, and will always be, the guy that did Saturday Night Fever.” Twenty years after its release, he published an article in New York magazine explaining how he had come to create the character of Vincent, cobbling him together from all the Faces he’d seen while trawling through pop-culture venues in the U.K. and America. THE COMPOSER HAD … ABC asked him to star in his own show, based on the Barbarino character, but Travolta turned it down, worried about ever getting a major film role. Will I ever get my big break?” Travolta recalls. “We wanted to see how much of it we could do in one shot,” Badham says about that scene, which was filmed through the restaurant’s window, so you see them through a glorious, dreamlike reflection of a city skyline—“magic and distant.” They try to impress each other with their savvy and their cool, but they are hilariously unpolished. The first act is a success despite Tony's brash disregard for the script when he kisses Laura at the end of their number. They came up with the title Staying Alive, and Wexler wrote a script. “A few years later, Cruise would come along, and Tom Hanks, and Mel Gibson, but for a long time there was no one else out there. It became one of those ridiculous arguing sessions, where they said, ‘Take out two “fuck”s and I’ll let you have one “spic.”’ Stigwood finally agreed to take two ‘fuck’s out of the movie, and that was it—he wouldn’t change.” They did leave in the term “blow job,” however, which, some believe, is the first time the phrase was uttered in a feature film. “There was a certain style about him—an inner force, a hunger, and a sense of his own specialness. Pape felt that it was just Travolta’s fate: “Sometimes it’s time for you to have the brass ring. He was reading Pauline Kael’s review in the December 26, l977, New Yorker. After Welcome Back, Kotter and Saturday Night Fever, it was the third time a character named Vincent would transform Travolta’s career. The wardrobe was bought off the rack, adding to the film’s authenticity. With Kelly and Ryan” to discuss his new movie Gotti when he opened up about Saturday Night Fever.. One of the most famous dance numbers in the history of film almost didn’t make it to the screen. She halts amid Jackie's and the director's commands, but finally leaps in his arms for a climactic finish to the show. “We just played basketball together and did that scene where we’re making fun of the gay guys,” Pape says. It makes you feel bad for every girl you screwed over.”, Tony Manero’s Faces—his entourage of homeboys who watch his back, admire his dancing, keep the girls from bothering him, and rumble with the Puerto Ricans—were played with pathos and humor by Pape (Double J), Barry Miller (Bobby C.), and Joseph Cali (Joey). And it seems John Travolta can still cut shapes on … To Travolta's surprise, Paramount, with the help of then-studio chief Michael Eisner, was able to bring in Stallone himself. Laura seems to offer a truce when she asks to see him after the show to "clear things up". While they waited, Stigwood and his lieutenants began to look around for a new property. At l49 pages, “it was way, way, way, way too long, but quite wonderful. That was always our first choice, since that’s where the story really happens.” The movie, except for two days’ filming on the West Side of Manhattan and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge scenes, was shot entirely in Bay Ridge. In Scenic Routes, Mike D’Angelo looks at key movie scenes, explaining how they work and what they mean. [4], It was then time to find a director for Staying Alive, and Travolta, who had just seen the film Rocky III (which Stallone wrote, directed and starred in), told his agent that he wanted a director who could bring the energy and pacing of that film to Staying Alive. During one row at the dinner table, Tony explodes at his mother when she refuses to accept that her eldest has turned in his collar: “You got nuthin’ but three shit children!” he yells.

He’d found his Vincent, the protagonist of his New Journalism—style piece. “Kid, my directors do movies,” one agent promptly told him. Staying Alive was universally panned by film critics. In 2005, a memorabilia company called Profiles in History put the 2001 Odyssey dance floor up for auction, but the attempt just ended up in a lawsuit. We didn’t know what was going to happen.”, Oakes mixed the soundtrack on the Paramount lot. And the other ingredients—my character, the Bee Gees’ music, Wexler’s script—they all had their function. He made Badham reshoot the scene, this time with Travolta strutting down the avenue. James Bond, Declassified: 50 Things You Didn’t Know About 007.

It was called ‘the Hollywood Rise.’”, Pape took inspiration from the crush of local Barbarino fans hanging around the shoot. We were really worried it was going to affect our friendship. A legend in gay dance clubs, he’d won an Emmy for choreographing Lola Falana’s television specials. Other attitudes remain unchanged, such as his disregard for his girlfriend, the forgiving Jackie, who is a dancer and rock singer. What Travolta didn’t know was that he had already gotten his big break. McCormick asked John Nicolella, the production manager on the shoot and a tough Italian character, “‘What the fuck is this about?’ And he said, ‘Well, you know, it’s a neighborhood thing. There was one brother-and-sister team that was very good. And so the Teamsters used to pick me up. I knew that the budget was at least $2.8 [million] already. At previews in Cincinnati and Columbus, half the audience walked out because of the language and sex scenes. Five new Bee Gees songs (all of which have lead vocals by Barry Gibb) took up the first side, with side two featuring various artists performing songs mostly written by Frank Stallone, brother of the film's director Sylvester Stallone. It's only when Tony walks past the 2001 Odyssey, he sees that the discotheque, which was his hangout six years earlier, is now a gay nightclub, which makes him take stock of how much his life has changed since he left Brooklyn.

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