Major Glory forces Krunk and Valhallen to tidy up their apartment for his Uncle Sam, who is coming over for a visit.

Dexter and Dee Dee protect their mother's freshly baked muffins from their muffin-loving father while she is out shopping. Dexter creates a new type of ink that lets him command people to do whatever he wants.

Dexter catches the chicken pox, and Dee Dee tells him a ridiculous tale that if he keeps scratching them, he will turn into an evil chicken. When an electrician comes to Dexter's house to repair a blown-out fuse, he accidentally stumbles onto his laboratory, and Dexter enlists him to repair the lab. The U.S. army invades Dexter's lab under the mistaken impression that aliens are using it as a base of operations on Earth, and Dexter must convince them that this is actually his lab, and also has to keep this a secret from Dee Dee. Dexter uses a machine to make himself invisible to secretly accompany them. Dexter and Dee Dee listen in on their parents' conversation; they are playing Scrabble, but the way they talk makes it sound like Dad was cheating on Mom. While fighting Comrade Red and his gang, Krunk falls in love with his equivalent in their gang, She-Thing (. When Dee Dee claims that anything can be hers because Dexter "doesn't have his name on it", he invents a label-making gun. However, Dee Dee squirts too much of it in her hair, and Dexter must return Dee Dee's hair back to normal. A previously unaired episode called "Rude Removal" was originally shown only at certain comic conventions that Tartakovsky attended beginning in 1998. Dexter and Dad try to get to Dad's fishing spot before sunrise to start fishing before others arrive. Dexter is forced to take Dee Dee to the zoo. However, with the help of Dee Dee, Dexter manages to destroy Mandark’s lab. Dexter and Dee Dee experiment with coffee after seeing how it energizes their parents in the morning. Initially debuting on February 26, 1995, as a seven-minute World Premiere Toons pilot, it was expanded into a full half-hour series after gaining network approval. In this episode, Dexter finds a replacement for Dee Dee after her hyperactivity drives him insane. While bird watching in the back yard, Dee Dee mistakes a frightened turtle for an unhatched baby bird.

"School Girl Crushed" (7 minutes) Dexter and Mandark attempt to defend their scientific turfs when a new scientific genius come to town. Dexter's Laboratory Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. When Dee Dee eats an experimental cookie of Dexter's design, she grows into a giant and makes the city her dollhouse. Dexter creates the ultimate robot to replace his Robo-Dexo 2000. After Dee Dee steals his critical invention, Dexter ventures into her room to find it. Sensing to fit in, he switches places with the boy. 07:22. After watching a horror film, Dexter and his father become easily frightened. Although he ends up getting a lot more work done, he discovers that peace, quiet, and solitude don't really make him happy, so he does the logical thing and starts accepting applications for troublesome older sisters.

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