Before they could do anything about him, Thawne arrived and incapacitated them and they managed to take both Martin Stein and Sara Lance hostage.

Sara tried to kill him but he easily batted away her efforts. Easily penetrating the secured truck with his magic, Darhk extracts the Rubicon from Lyla, a device capable of controlling any nuclear missile. He later becomes the host of the demon Neron after surrendering his body in order to save Nate's life. [127] As such, Guggenheim indicated that the reveal of who Vigilante actually was would "probably" not be seen in season five and that Vigilante's identity was someone already seen before. [16], Team Arrow soon learned that Damien had been holding Ray Palmer captive after intercepting his distress call to Felicity in order to use his technology for their plans, even threatening to harm Felicity if he didn't cooperate. [77], She was originally according to Kreisberg, "the beginning of the Black Canary story".[78][79]. A few miles away from their target Damien was unable to get a response from one of his men, Slater, but was confronted by an apparent impostor of The Arrow. Ryan Choi (portrayed by Osric Chau) is a scientist from Ivy Town who helped out during the Crisis. the entire time and gave the stone to Damien. The third season premiered in October 2017 and concluded in April 2018, while the fourth season premiered in October 2… She and Nora attempted to make Constantine feel better after Astra tampered with his soul coin. Though this strains the friendship between John and Oliver when the truth comes out, Lyla understands that it was necessary in his battle to destroy Raʾs al Ghul and the League. Quentin and Mari McCabe discover that a mystical idol in Darhk's possession is the source of his supernatural powers, and Mari destroys it, leaving Darhk powerless and imprisoned. Damien mused how he should've figured out Oliver's identity sooner due to his determination to save William. Upon his resurrection, he annoyingly asked "who stole my watch? In season five, Zari became a trendsetter until Nate starts to remember her, so he and Behrad reluctantly bring her onto the Waverider. In the season four finale, Nate and Constantine come up with a plan to get Neron out of Ray's body by tricking him into killing Nate, therefore breaking his earlier promise to Ray not to hurt Nate. In season four, after Amanda Waller's death, Lyla becomes her successor as leader of A.R.G.U.S. Originally, she scattered the pieces across the Multiverse. When the Legends accidentally change the timeline at the end of season four, Behrad is never killed by A.R.G.U.S. General Roy Stewart (portrayed by Ernie Hudson[134]) is John Diggle's step-father and a former U.S. Marine Corps lieutenant, who works in the Defense Intelligence Agency.

However, when Constantine refused, Neron made a deal with his lover Desmond, who agreed to bind his soul to Neron's to protect Constantine. Darhk admitted to Nate that while he did want to remake the world in his image, Damien didn't want to lose the person he was doing it for. After Damien introduced himself to "The Arrow" he immediately tried to kill him but none of "The Arrow"'s shots made contact and Damien quickly subdued him, but before he could kill him Diggle intervened and knocked Damien out. [2][12][13] He serves as the other half of the character Firestorm with Martin Stein. In season 8, she reveals she got out of A.R.G.U.S and is working for the Chinese triad.[148]. Though confused when the Flash saved Green Arrow, as it happened so fast he had no idea what happened, he was also amused. He sacrifices his life by killing himself, increasing Oliver's chances of survival and returning home to Starling City to right Robert's wrongs. Thawne told Darhk that he was looking for a partner but Damien told him that he preferred to work alone.

In the meantime, Green Arrow and his team continued to plague Damien's operations in Star City culminating in a surgical strike against the HQ of the Ghosts by Green Arrow and his team in an effort to rescue Andy. However, Damien quickly brought out a hidden blaster and shot Ray before he went and made his escape.[10]. Instead of having Oliver kill Nyssa for her betrayal, Raʾs decides that the two should marry, to her evident dismay. When Constantine sent Neron back to Hell, he was also forced to condemn his lover. She works as a maid for Konstantin Kovar, believing that he is looking for her children. [24], Damien then tasked Quentin with using a device that would delete the names of everyone H.I.V.E had a hand in assassinating, including Andy Diggle. [18][19] Oliver dated Samantha in college while in his relationship with Laurel, and she became pregnant.

to Star City to build his ark, destabilizing the city and minimizing outside interference. [65], Wilbur Bennett (portrayed by Hiro Kanagawa) is the director of the Time Bureau. They managed to successfully rescue Ray, although Oliver barely managed to escape being strangled to death by chains under control from Damien's telekinesis. When cornered by the Legends, Charlie shifts into multiple members of the team before John Constantine disables her shapeshifting, leaving her trapped in Amaya Jiwe's form. would remain as a source of leadership, effectively allowing Damien to lead humanity into his vision of perfection. Tatsu Yamashiro (portrayed by Rila Fukushima)[156] is a mentor to Oliver during his time in Hong Kong. 11 "The Magnificent Eight, "COMIC CON 2015: HAWKMAN COMING TO LEGENDS OF TOMORROW", "Falk Hentschel To Play Hawkman In 'Legends Of Tomorrow, "LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: PHIL KLEMMER TALKS HAWKMAN, ROMANCE, ATOM VS. ANT-MAN & MORE", "Legends of Tomorrow EP Spills a Secret Behind the Big Lie — Plus: Grade It! He was opposed by the people of Star City who Oliver had rallied together to stand up to H.IV.E.. Like many assassins, Damien was cold, cruel and ruthless, but he does have a sense of honor and good morals; for example, Damien has morals against torturing innocent children and says it was a line he would never cross, he became disgusted with Lonnie Machin for kidnapping Jessica Danforth's daughter Madison, part of this might be related to Damien having a child of his own and understanding the pain of having a child in danger. [151] She later becomes his love interest. Damien then moved off and surprised future Nate from behind and drove his blade into him.

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