The meaning of these dreams may change as per the real life scenarios.
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A reason in your life to join family or friends for festivus behavior. Fun, joy, merrymaking, feeling of childhood, learn to be happy to get something, anticipation and happiness. София 1977. с.

The second day is known as the Synaxis of the Theotokos, and commemorates the role of the Virgin Mary in the Nativity of Jesus. Then will be the advent of the Blessed Christ into this despairing world. Amen. The truce began on Christmas Eve, 24 December 1914, when German troops began decorating the area around their trenches in the region of Ypres, Belgium, for Christmas.
You begin to live a life of complete faith and dependence upon God. If you were unable to give people presents on Christmas Eve- it’s possible you have given up on a better life for yourself. He was not born to very wealthy or learned parents. . Mikuláš/szent Mikulás) gives his sweet gifts on 6 December, the Christmas gift-giver is the Child Jesus (Ježíšek in Czech, Jézuska in Hungarian, Ježiško in Slovak and Isusek in Croatian).[29].

Furthermore, Paradise plays were performed in several countries of Europe during the Middle Ages on the Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve is celebrated in different ways around the world, varying by country and region. Christmas Day is observed around the world, and Christmas Eve is widely observed as a full or partial holiday in anticipation of Christmas Day.Together, both days are considered one of the most culturally significant celebrations in Christendom and Western society. It was the secret of this birth that centuries ago the Lord Jesus sweetly explained to the good Nicodemus. In Poland, gifts are unwrapped on the Christmas Eve, as opposed to the Christmas Day.

To enjoy a peaceful Christmas time in your dream suggests that you will experience love in the near future. To dream about Christmas means we need to get closer to God... Christmas Card Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of a Christmas card means, it gives offering and feelings of nostalgic of your childhood in all the moments. Christmas is known to all men the world over historically as the memorable day of the birth of Jesus, the Saviour.

To see a Christmas tree in your dream represents is an association with extreme self-confidence.

This is the method of Self-realisation. The Saturday and Sunday following 25 December have special Epistle and Gospel readings assigned to them. In the evening, the All-Night Vigil for the Feast of the Nativity is composed of Great Compline, Matins and the First Hour. The meals used to be put on top of hay, directly on the floor, together with a ploughshare or a coulter.[16]. To enjoy Christmas day with the family in one's dream means peace and humility. The good man did not quite understand what precisely Christ meant when He taught that a man must be born again if he is to attain the Kingdom of God. Although Christmas fasting is no longer a popular custom, some Italian-Americans still enjoy a meatless Christmas Eve feast[17] and attend the Midnight Mass. Develop meekness and lowliness of spirit by humble surrender unto the Lord.

The figures may be made of any material,[13] and arranged in a stable or grotto. There may be many negative influences from your colleagues, so be careful.

Roman Catholics and high church Anglicans traditionally celebrate Midnight Mass, which begins either at or sometime before midnight on Christmas Eve. Also He was not born in the full blaze of daylight with the knowledge of all men. Where self-aggrandisement and vanity abide, there the descent of Divinity cannot occur, for these expressions of egotism are ever a bar to the unfoldment of the Divine consciousness. Christmas tree ruined. You become a living witness of the Divine. This is the great Path which leads us to Immortality, Supreme Bliss and Eternal Peace. Christmas is a time of family and happiness, therefore to dream … [22] Kūčios ("Holy Meal") is the most important event of the year and family reunion. If you see only girls, then the happiness will be short term.

Be born again and live anew, O World of Today!

Though it is true that Christmas is thus celebrated as the day of the advent of Christ into this world, yet it also symbolises a very deeply significant truth of the spiritual life. (the opening words of the Canon of the Nativity that was chanted the night before during the Vigil). The Christmas Eve Services are still very popular.

It is obligatory to try a portion of all of them.

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