LFP with good low-temperature stability is suitable for cold countries. Some [3] The submarine will displace 1,900 tonnes[1] and have a crew complement of between 17 and 31 men.
But, it is too expensive and we currently hesitate introduction of LIB-submarine.

1 Introduction The Swedish parliament has decided that Sweden shall have 4 operational submarines. The weapon system is managed from a Saab combat management system (CMS) that is connected with the GMSS. German class 214 submarine enters the fray with a hard to resist offer FORCE May-2005 By Prasun K. Sengupta. Diesel Genset Module of this submarine is larger than that of A26 suggesting use of 12 PA4 V 200 SMDS. This project forms part of our recent analysis and forecasts of the global naval submarines market available from our business information platform Strategic Defence Intelligence. What submarine should Canada buy. Floating mitigate shock from outside and protect effectively equipment or crew. The UUVs can be deployed in mine searching and clearance operations, and the unmanned maritime vehicles are used to gather acoustic, visual, electronic and communication intelligence data. Two are being built for the Swedish Navy and Saab wishes to sell more to Poland and the Netherlands. It will also be designed to withstand significant shock loads from underwater explosions and will be able to "Launch and recover vehicles" through its torpedo tubes. But is this claim true ? Size of Genset Module is relatively small, and only 8 PA4 V 200 SM satisfys this space demand. [1] “Emerging Critical Technologies and Security in the Asia-Pacific”2016, R. Bitzinger, Haris VlavianosPage 100, “Sweden’s next generation submarine, Kocknums A26-currently in development, will incorporate the latest and most modern and refined Stirling AIP technology-MK 5 version.”[2] ibidPage 101, “Stirling engine operates at a pressure of 20bar, which limits the submarine’s depth to200m, unless power consumming and potentially noisy exhaust gas intensifier is used.”[3] https://saab.com/region/saab-australia/about-saab-australia/latest-news/stories/stories---australia/2015/super-stealthy-saab-submarines/See “Air Independent Propulsion”, left figure: currrent Kocknums Mark 3, middle figure: Kocknums Mark 5, right figure: perspective of side Kochnums Mark 5.In Mark 5 (right figure: combustor and insulator are omitted in this figure), heater (cylinderical pipes (inside of engine) connected top of piston cylinder) and heat insulation presumably are improved to achieve higher efficiency.

Lithium ion battery of Saft seems to be LFP [2,3].

The submarine requires low operating and maintenance costs. The GHOST® Genuine Holistic Stealth technology makes the Type A26 invisible and quiet. The main propulsion system of the Type A26 submarine is fully-integrated Kockums Stirling air-independent propulsion (AIP) system, which burns gasified pure industrial liquid oxygen (LOX) and diesel fuel. Type A26’s mission capabilities include maritime security, covert mine countermeasure, intelligence gathering, surveillance, reconnaissance, covert in hostile areas, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, mine-laying, underwater work, and other special operations.

In this situation, Dutch government will not select TKMS submarine as post Warlus-class. The Kockums A26 submarine’s modular hull structure, made from special steels, offers high-seakeeping performance and operational effectiveness. A26 is the project name of the next generation of submarines developed by Kockums for the Swedish navy. For more information click here or contact us: EMEA: +44 20 7936 6783; Americas: +1 415 439 4914; Asia Pacific: +61 2 9947 9709 or via email. External communication is provided though radio, hydroacoustic and shore-connected methods. The pressure-tight containers, unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and reconnaissance and rescue systems can be carried externally. [1] https://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/lib-une-nouvelle-batterie-lithium-ion-pour-sous-marins(LIB, a new Lithium-ion battery for submarines) 23/10/2018 Naval Group has developed a very high performance and safety Li-ion battery system to provide Naval Group's conventional submarines with outstanding operational features with optimized immersion time and recharge time.

There is possibility of export of LIBs [1].For spread of LIBs in submarine sector, effort toward cost reduction of capital investiment including establishment of joint venture is needed. Distances (ca.400mm) between diesel-diesel and diesel-pressure hull are small (ca.400mm). The submarine is 62m-long and has a draught of 6m and a displacement of approximately 1,800t when surfaced. I think results of Warlus replacement project and Polish Orka project will play decisive role to determine future of TKMS.Interestingly, this article reveals cost of 12 TKMS 216s is $AU20 billion, $AU30 billion cheaper than French proposal [2]. One Diesel Genset Modules and three Stirling Modules are installed in the port side and two Diesel Genset Modules are installed in the starboard side. 8m, crew 34-42, multimission portal drived from A26 (1.5m diameter) [1], (ii) four Stirling AIP, two Diesel (12 PA4 V 200 SMDS) generators [2,3]; one Jeumont Electric permanent magnet motor; and (iii) pressure hull Strenx® 700 [4]. The first submarine’s first steel was cut at Saab’s Kockums shipyard in September 2015. A TKMS Type 214 or 212 variant might win. The FMV further awarded a contract worth Skr7.6bn ($925m) to Saab for the construction, verification and delivery of two A26 submarines in June 2015.

The plans also included a Mid-Life Upgrade program of two submarines of the Gotland class. 533mm Type 89 torpedos, Harpoon

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